Sunday, August 31, 2008

This is the face of our Enemy

Instead of obsessing over hockey today I went out and bought a great new pair of shoes (on sale) and then went to Canadian Tire to purchase some electrical wire so that I could finally hang that lamp in the bedroom (1 year and counting). When I returned home I put on the new shoes, clicked the heels – there’s no place like ‘win’ and checked the QMJHL website.

We were halfway through our game against the Eagles and much to my joy and surprise we were defeating them 2-1. Then the game came to a standstill, the little box on my screen - it did nothing. Oh sure shots on goal increased, penalties were handed out, but there was no change in score. There it stayed 2-1, five minutes later – still 2-1, and again five minutes after that 2-1. Oh hooray for us. With about three minutes left to go I dusted my hands of the Eagles – good game boys, and walked away to install my long-suffering-in-a-box modern pendant. The boys will live without me, I have more ‘growed-up’ things to do.

The lamp looks great. It took forever to determine the height and location but it does indeed look great. Yes, the world is awesome. We won our first pre-season game against the Eagles and I finally installed that damn pendant lamp. What do you mean we didn’t defeat the Eagles? They used their only two 20 year olds on today’s roster to pull out a goal in the final two minutes of the game, and then went on to defeat us in the shootout. Awwww muther son-of-a crap. There is Eagle egg all over our faces. Ewwwww. It looks like it was one of those typical Mooseheads games too, where we throw everything on net (45 shots) and still manage to lose.

Scoring started with Eagles overage defenceman Lamontagne slipping an unassisted goal (of unknown quality or variety) past Mathieu Corbeil. In the dying minutes of first period Randell (assisted by Grant and Piette) got the Moose on the board to tie up the game. About halfway through the second period one of my lower totem new boyfriends Linden Bahm put the Moose ahead on a goal assisted by Mr. Gabe. Cue my entrance, joy, testing new lipliners, more joy, lamp hanging and inevitable sorrow.

Some wee sprig named Maximilien Le Sieur drove a steak through my heart by putting a puck past Dumaresque’s lithe goalie body with only 1 minute and 20 seconds remaining in the game. Lamontagne and Murd (I just like saying Murd) gave him the puck with which to do the dirty deed.

Snow, O’Brien and Grant were unable to satisfy me in the shootout. Instead it was Cape Breton’s Jean-Christophe Gauthier who dropped by, did the wham, bam thank-you ma’am and ended the game. Alex Newman gets the win for Cape Breton after allowing no goals in 17 shots during the final half. Damn it.

Oh, and to top it off our third round draft pick Alex Lemieux just up and leaves because he does not want to share me with the other boys. That leaves us with only one 16 year old player (Desjardins) for the roster this year. Then the Moose told me that I cannot have defenceman Caldwell or forwards Fulton, Reiss and Jessome either. The Moose brass are stricter than the old nuns at a Catholic School.

Here, read this story about some of our young forwards by Willy Palov from the Chronicle Herald. Maybe it will make you feel better.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

The first cut is the deepest

The Mooseheads have released nine players from the training camp roster:
Brandon Decker (Goaltender)
Kody Blois (Goaltender)
Zachary Lodge (Defenceman)
Travis Busch (Defenceman)
Doug Burns (Defenceman)
William Cloutier (Forward)
Anthony Nobili (Forward)
Kyle McGuirk (Forward)
Jordan Mock (Forward)

...and just like that my list of potential QMJHL boyfriends has been cut down to 3: Corbeil, Forbes-Brisebois and Dumaresque. Pity, I could personally handle keeping all five. Next thing you know they will be telling me that three backups is too many and why can't I just be happy with Yeti and one other. I keep telling you and telling you - I need many men (preferably goalies) all at once to keep me happy. This is why I emotionally invest in whole teams and sometimes multiple teams, thus increasing the number of goalies in my life.

*edit - apparently O'Leary and Popelar decided to roll outta Mooseheadistan in order to maintain their NCAA eligibility.

Sea Dogs have released seven:
Dane Horvat (Forward)
Daniel Crescenzi (Forward)
Desmond Cowan (Defenseman)
Paul Hutchings (Forward)
Sam MacMaster (Forward)
Evan Sparling (Forward)
Luc Leblanc (Defenseman)

The pretty - it got baby Sparling nowhere!!!

edit - For more Sea Dogs training camp info see their webpage here, here and here. There are pictures of Kirky looking like a diva. Yes, there is even VIDEO (not great video, mind you. Dear editing guy - ow my brain) . Still - God, I love these guys.

Day two

It is strange that the hockey continues to be played when I am not there to watch it live. It offends me immensely that the game was not put on hold while Bobby Smith sends a chauffeured limo to my door.

Anyway, Wuest has posted a breakdown for tonight's scrimmage. How many goals scored? 13!!!

Don't worry. Last night in a 7 on 6 game, many of the goals against Decker and Blois were scored in break-away style penalty shots. Since I was not at the game tonight I have no idea how many of those goals were scored on penalty shots. It would have been nice to see a breakdown of goals and assists, who was getting regular 5 on 5 goals vs penalty shots, and the shots on net for each goalie.

FYI: Willy Palov has written a Voracek article complete with interview for the Chronicle Herald.

Sea Dogs:
The telegraph Journal has two new articles on the Sea Dogs, and since I am secretly (or not so secretly) in love with the Sea Dogs I always feel a need to talk about them (in an annoying way- like one of those chicks who are soooooooo in love).

In sad Sea Dogs news: centreman Alexandre Leduc wonked his knee while jogging - badly. We are talking MCL, ACL and a meniscus tear. He will be out for at least the first half of the season, if not all season. This is why I do not jog. Either that, or it's because I am lazy.

In happy Sea Dogs news: the brothers Howes and Sparling are doing well. Baby Howes is rocking it like only a Howes could - he's a Hat trick baby (see the Leduc article for info on Howes). Baby Sparling makes big brother Sparling look like a damn hobo. Talk about a cutie. That's it, I am packing up and going back to high school (sometimes I still have nightmares about Sydney Academy). Well I guess looking cute does not actually mean you are doing good but opinions vary as to the importance and necessity of 'pretty skills'. You can always use them to distract your opponents.

Oh my Whitey - Kisses

From Willy Palov (Chronicle Herald) via the Mooseheads website:

Andrew White and Justin Pender have been friends and teammates for nearly their whole lives, but they find themselves in direct competition at this year’s Halifax Mooseheads’ training camp.

The two St. John’s natives are in a three-way competition with Graham Bona for the two remaining overage spots and no one is prepared to bow out without a fight. White, the only forward in the group, said he isn’t about to let friendships stand in the way of his objective of cracking the opening night roster and knows the other guys are taking the same approach.

"We understand what the situation is," White said. "We’re not young anymore. We know what we’ve got to do and what’s at stake so everyone is trying to put their best foot forward and whoever gets it deserves it."

Although teams are permitted to dress three 20-year-olds, one of Halifax’s spots has already been awarded to goaltender Mark Yetman, another old friend from the St. John’s area. It would seem that White would have the edge for one of the remaining spots because of how desperate the Mooseheads are for scoring, but the team is almost as thin on defence so nothing is set in stone. Should the team’s management and coaching staff decide they can’t afford to sacrifice White’s production, he will stay. But they might also elect to stick with Pender and Bona at the back end and hope for narrow wins in low-scoring games.

The competition and uncertainty remind White of the mindset he had as a rookie during his first training camp back in 2006.

"It’s the same in a way," White said. "Last year coming in I knew I had a sure spot on the team, but this year you don’t really know.

"It makes you work that much harder. Right now we have three guys for two spots so it just makes you bury your head and work that much more. Whoever comes out on top will deserve it and props to whoever makes it."

And whoever survives the tryout will likely make it at least partly because of his leadership skills. The Mooseheads will be one of the youngest teams in the league this year and it will be huge for their veteran players to show the newcomers the ropes.

"As much as you want to be a leader on the ice, you have to be even more of a leader off the ice," White said. "You’ve got to teach the younger guys what to do and how to follow because if you don’t show them, who will. You’ve got to work hard in practice and show that you can bring leadership to the team as well."

And regardless of how it plays out, one of the three players will be traded soon, which is likely playing on their minds to some extent. It’s believed there is interest from other teams in all three guys at this point.

"I’m not really worrying about it," said White, who scored 22 goals last season. "If it turns out I get traded, I get traded. If that’s what they decide they want to do, I can’t worry about that. I understand how things work and I can’t worry about something that’s not in my hands. All I can do is go on the ice and work my hardest. That’s what I can control."

On my mighty Whitey. I spotted you the moment you hit the ice last night. I didn't even need to see the number on the jersey to identify you, the way you tuck your jersey into your pants makes you visible from space. That and the speedy grindyness you bring. I did not see you crack a smile and in the third you were so serious, especially after the helmet shenanigans. Perhaps that was just your intense look. My vote goes for Whitey ABOVE ALL OTHERS. Honestly, if it would sway them I would even send custom m&m's to the Mooseheads office in your honour.

On a side note, the 'old mens' (predetermined assumption that all posters on the forums are old and men although I know this is not necessarily true) at the Moncton Wildcats forum are saying that my unrequited love Tyler Noseworthy is totally coo-worthy. They are all fussing and fawning and trying to get his number to set up kissy-face dates. Pfffff, hands-off dudes, I totally called him back in June before the draft - HE IS MINE.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Today My Heart Swings

uhhhhhhhhggggg droool

Yeah there was an inter-squad scrimmage. I was there - laughing my ass off. It is like I am covered in a thick jelly-coat of glee. I am just that happy to have watched some live hockey again. It was all deep sighs and hard clapping for my Whitey (who did not get that goal in the shootout and looked kinda despondent in the 3rd).

So many penalty shots.

Bona (#2 for red) looked good and 'the other Bona' (#2 for green) also looked good, 'the other Bona' was kinda fast for a big guy. I don't know where my player guide is and I am feeling far too hobo to look it up online.

Check on Desjardins
Check on Forbes-Brisebois
Check on Dumaresque
Yes, they made me very happy.

...and speaking of check. My friends told me Linden Bahm (or as they called him 'green 9') was checking me out. Little dude don't worry about girls, just play your hockey! I figure that maybe he thought I was weird looking and got to staring. That must be it. In my mind I am still the awkward girl who couldn't get a kiss between the ages of 18 and 22. Now that I am older and in a steady relationship, boys aged 18-22 seem to be paying an inordinate amount of attention to me. What the hell dudes? Where were you when I was your age?

Anyway, I did not notice because I was actually watching the hockey. Still...Ahhh cute. Bahm is my new boyfriend. I like him already. Yep, I am easy to please. It is just too bad that he is too young for me.

A note to the boys: When the first period is up and you are standing around at the end of the ice watching the game with Swan (was that Swan?) and Marchand - maybe you can take the time to make Mathieu Corbeil feel like he belongs instead of ignoring him through all of periods 2 and 3. That is not very 'teammanship' like. That is all.

Just in Case

More news links which highlight training camp rosters in the East (or former East) division teams:

Cape Breton Screaming Eagles:
Culligan's Island
Short and Sweet

According to the 'Short and Sweet' article:
"Five over-age players will be at camp and with Chris Culligan given one of the three spots after being anointed captain in June, four players will be vying for the remaining two roster spots for 20-year-olds. They include forwards Joey Haddad, Robert Slaney and Murdock MacLellan and defenceman Alex Lamontagne.
Defenceman Spencer Corcoran was not invited back to contest for one of those spots. Durocher said he’s tried to find a spot for him within the league, but it hasn’t been easy so far because a number of 20-year-old players across the league will head to pro camps, putting their status up in the air."

How on Earth did I forget about Murd? I forgot about Murd!!! I should be shot. Also, Spencer is the cutest one of them all. Who said hockey was about skills? Damn you Eagles. This is not how I would run a team, but then again my team would only have one forward, so what do I know.

Lewiston Maineacs:
Back in the Saddle

PEI Rocket:
Countdown Begins
Rocket gets ready for launch
Gellidonuts is at camp - weird.

According to the article 'Countdown Begins':
The Rocket traded with Chicoutimi for goalie Bobby Nadeau and defenceman Maxime Provencher at the QMJHL draft in June. Nadeau, the league’s top goalie last season with a 2.63 goals-against-average, replaces 20-year-old netminder Antoine Lafleur, who won’t report to camp and is finished with the Rocket. Nadeau is likely the number one goalie, but will last season's off-and-on starter Marc-Antoine Gélinas be happy with a backup role? If not, will he be moved? And if he goes, does Evan Mosher or Jon Waye become the backup?

Yes, good question - goalie lovers need to know!

Saint John Sea Dogs:
Sea Dogs Set for Beginning of Camp
Sea Dogs Finalize Training Camp list

Moncton Wildcats:
Wildcats issue warning for training camp
Wildcats finalize their overage content

Acadie Bathurst Titan:
Training Camp opens Friday

Thursday, August 28, 2008


So finally, the day before training camp the news just starts rolling in.

First off Tomas Knotek has gotten a mini-tryout with the Minnesota Wild. F'n crazy I know. This is excellent news for young Knotek who was passed over in this year's draft. I think he was boned. According to Wuest's blog:

Halifax Mooseheads forward Tomas Knotek didn't get drafted in June, but he'll still get a taste of the NHL next month courtesy of the Minnesota Wild.

Knotek, who had 66 points as a rookie with the Mooseheads last season, is on the Wild roster for the Detroit Red Wings' annual prospects tournament in Traverse City, Mich.

Then we have an article in the Chronicle Herald by Willie Palov, discussing the returning players and who are likely to fill all of those empty roster spots.

Of the baby goalies he says:
"Mathieu Corbeil-Theriault is the front-runner to be Yetman’s understudy in goal....Goaltenders Stefan Dumaresque (11th round, 2007) and Jeremie Forbes-Brisebois made favourable impressions at last year’s camp and could push Corbeil-Theriault for the No. 2 job."

Ok, I can live with that. I am just totally stressed out about who gets the remaining twenty year old roster spots.

Meanwhile, the second and third overage positions will be impacted by how well the young players perform during the next two weeks. Patenaude said he and head coach Cam Russell will base their final decision on how much veteran help they feel they need up front or at the back end after taking some long looks at their young players.

"What we plan to do is evaluate how ready our rookies are at forward and also on defence, and then make a decision about where we need to keep our 20-year-olds," Patenaude said. "We already know what our overagers can give us and we’re comfortable with the type of players they are. But we want to make sure we have a good balance in our line-up and we’re not too weak in one area."

Wuest also gives us a breakdown of the intersqaud scrimmage teams. It is good to check the numbers because the boys will not all be playing with their standard numbers. GrahamBo is #2 - that is just crazy talk. The boys are probably already at their (billet) homes, abiding by their curfews (teehee), nestled into their little beds, and having little dreams about all the little ladies they will get when they finally play in the Q.

Finally Patenaude (via Wuest) tells us a bit more about our recent trade aquisitions McDonald and Shea.

To keep up with all the latest trade info keep an eye on the QMJHL website. Ohh look, Chicoutimi and Val d'Or are up to... stuff.

Oh Ma Ga - The Moose aquire a Sea Dog

From the Mooseheads Website:

Halifax Mooseheads have acquired 18-year-old defenseman Scott MacDonald from the Saint John Sea Dogs, Mooseheads’ General Manager Marcel Patenaude announced today.

MacDonald, from Waverley, NS, was drafted by the Sea Dogs in round 7 (#109) of the 2007 QMJHL Entry Draft from Dartmouth Midget AAA, where he scored eight goals and added 25 assists during the 2006-07 season.

Last year, MacDonald played in 21 QMJHL games for Saint John, recording one assist and seven penalty minutes.

In return, the Mooseheads sent Saint John their eighth round pick in the 2010 QMJHL Entry Draft, pending approval by the league.

In another roster change, under an agreement with the Drummondville Voltigeurs, 19-year-old forward David Shea of Bedford, NS, Rouyn-Noranda Huskies ninth round selection (#158) in the 2006 QMJHL Entry Draft, will participate in the Mooseheads training camp. In 32 games last season, 14 with Rouyn-Noranda and 18 with Drummondville, Shea scored one goal, one assist, with 52 penalty minutes.

Also, 18-year-old defenseman Joseph Dillon, of Shrewsbury, MS, Mooseheads’ 10th round pick in 2007, has decided not to report and will not be at the Mooseheads’ 2008 training camp.

I just hope that Scott McDonald (way to spell your own player's name wrong Mooseheads website) knows that being an 18 year old defenceman with the Moose is
absolutely no guarantee of ice time. Isn't it sweet that the Sea Dogs are making room for daddy's boy Nathan. Who wants to make wager that a spot was cleared for Nathan? Also, it is totally not coincidental that we traded for a local boy. We go for local boys every time. I want French boys and Newfies. Only French boys and Newfies (and Lunderstruck back - but I ask for the impossible).

On a quick aside I would like to point out the following articles by Wuest written for the Metro: today's article, and this article written Wednesday about the Bouchard trade.
In them he implies that Andrew White is not a lock to make the team. Bitch please!!! Do Patenaude and Russell want to die? It is time to break out my Whitey voodoo and my Mooseheads staff voodoo dolls. The Whitey goes into my bra - the others get stomped on repeatedly. Andrew had better make the team. I do not want to have to kiss him better to ease his mental anguish. I would rather kiss him better after a devastating hit along the boards.

Also, as I have pointed out earlier, Andrew and Yeti are the breads in my Q-girl/Mooseheads sandwich of this season - what is a sandwich with only one bread? Also, you do not want to leave me alone with Yeti. puurrrrr my lovely #22. I am starting to get angry. You would not like me when I am angry.

Apart from that what really kills me is the following quote:

"The Mooseheads are left with four 20-year-olds: goaltender Mark Yetman; defencemen Justin Pender and Graham Bona; and forward Andrew White. Yetman is virtually assured a spot after an outstanding second half last season. There is no other goaltender with QMJHL experience in the system.

The Mooseheads will strongly consider Pender and Bona for the other two spots because there isn’t much experience on the blue line, while White will need a strong training camp to win a spot because of the team’s depth up front."

Uhhh there would have been experience on the blueline if we didn't horde 9 defencemen and then not let half of them play.

Dude, just having players to fill roster spots does not mean we have depth up front. We have two guys who in the past have managed to pull off 1PPG seasons - Knotek and MacMillan. Other than that we have White and Cheremetiev that are near 0.5 PPG seasons. Everyone else from last year's roster is far below that - either because they were used in shut down roles or because they had minimal ice time. We don't know what they can or will be able to do offensively this season unless we have a crystal ball (or Cristobal Huet - yes please).

If we are lucky, Snow will be able to transform his MJAHL magic into QMJHL magic and still be on pace for a PPG season despite now playing in a tougher league, and Randell will have a chance to get his offensive game going with more ice time and by playing a different role this year. That being said, we have no idea what will happen or how Russell will decide to play these boys. Depth pfffff. We barely have 2 proven solid lines. What are you huffing Wuest? Whatever it is I want some of it.

As for saying that Yeti had a
"outstanding second half last season" what you meant to say was he had 8 solid, or good, or sometimes barely acceptable games at the end of the season and then he had a nice solid playoff run until we imploded in those final 2 games in Gatineau. Before that he sat and choked when put on in relief of P-O, then sat and choked, and choked and sat some more. If Yeti's mid-season performance was our sex life I would have moved on long ago. Talk about unsatisfying. It is not all about that big goalie stick. I would be all "I did something for you now you have to do something for me". But he would refuse to 'stop pucks' as it were, and I would walk away because I am grown-up and big girls don't settle for selfish netminders. As it is we are stuck on being cuddle partners - my Mooseies and I do not play like that.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

SeaDogs go to camp too?

Oh indeed sir they do. Round 'em all up for me and I will pet the pretty harbour puppies one by one. The Saint John Sea Dogs have announced their training camp roster. Notable invites include baby Sparling (Evan, brother of Ryan?) and Baby Howes (Andrew, brother of Scott). Last season they also invited Guérette-Charland (Francois, brother of Keven). It is like a NJ Devils of the Jr circuit - brothers galore. If only there were a baby Fullerton to invite.

Oh, I said it I can unsay it - now my brain is stuck on Fullerton. That is its most dangerous setting.
Oh dear god FULLY yesyesyes. I type the name and my left ovarie gets all kicky.

Oh hey sexy,
It is good to see that you are still alive, still teaching, and that you got your once yearly hair cut. Did you get your new V-Red pads already? You are rockin' some new black, white and red pads there. The colour blocking is strange. hmmmm. I miss watching you in nets and the weird pains it causes in my girlie bits (the same pains I get when I type your name - in fact, it hurts right now). Summers are too looooooong. October 24th cannot come soon enough. I would give up all of my other goalie boyfriends for you if you asked me to*.

I cannot even begin to express my, ummmm, 'admiration'. If the Sea Dogs need a baby Fully I totally offer the services of my womb. But how would we get the baby in there? Good question. I'm smart, I'll figure it out. It just might take a lot of time and practice but I WILL figure it out. I suspect it would require your participation. Any suggestions?

Also, this moustache fetish thing is killing me. I have started getting all hot and bothered by old pictures of Steve Tambellini. It's not just hockey players either - I totally have a crush on David the mustachioed Sushi waiter from Hamachi house and it's all your fault. I order sushi when I do not want sushi (lies - I always want sushi). I have a shower and get all dressed-up just to pick up take-out. I joke with my boyfriend about his growing a moustache, but I'm kinda not joking even though it would look hideous on him. It has gotten beyond sick.

Someday you are going to wake up and I am going to be straddling you like a succubus, wearing your blocker (they are surprisingly comfy) and caressing your upper lip and chin while having my tongue planted firmly on your neck.
Creepy, I know!

It has gotten so bad that my brain has developed a whole new nucleus strictly to repress the corrupt things I get to thinking I might want to do to you. The naughty thoughts are so repressed that even I don't know them. If I actually knew the extent of my own filthiness my brain would self-destruct. So once again I ask - Why haven't you issued a restraining order yet?

does not include Marty as we are bonded by secret marriage.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

When rumours come true

The Mooseheads website is reporting that pugilist David Bouchard, who was acquired from the Voltigeurs at Christmas and will be entering his 20 year old season this year, has been traded to his hometown Chicoutimi Sagueneens for a 5th round pick in the 2010 draft.

If you punch him in the face, does he not bleed?

Au revoir glasses wearing fighter guy. I will not miss your 'penalties for existing' and your lack of actual fighting. Wow 24 fights in 2007 while with the Volts, but only 9 after Christmas since coming to Halifax. Why go out and get a fierce fighty guy and not let him fight? That's like putting a pretty boy in front of me and telling me not to touch the pretty pretty. I'm a frustrated girl in her prime, it's just unfair.

The Metro is reporting that of this year's draft prospects only defenceman Andrew Morrison will not be reporting to training camp. Boo. I wanted 3 Andrews. I wanted to change our name to the Halifax Andrews - then I wanted to cuddle the Andrews. It is just my way of getting close to my Whitey.

The have put out more prospect reports for The Saint Lewis Blues and the Washington Capitals.

Who's a goalie. Jakie's a goalie. Yes he is. Catch. Good goalie *rubs belly*
Jake Allen -- The Blues made Allen the 34th overall pick in last month's draft. He's heading back to the QMJHL to play his second season. Allen was 9-12 with a 3.14 GAA and .901 save percentage in 30 appearances for St. John's as a rookie last season.

Allen doesn't turn 18 until August so he is still very much a project for the Blues. Look for him to follow the course of playing more minutes in the QMJHL before moving to the ECHL, then the AHL, and perhaps one day to the NHL.

Apparently Brett Gallant, who was recently traded from Saint John to Lewiston is keeping his options open, having received offers from the CHL as well as his home town MJAHL team.

Wow, there is a new Q blog. A Moncton Wildcats blog at that. May I recommend that all they discuss is baby Louis and my unrequited love Tyler Noseworthy. I doubt that is going to happen - it is all kinds of manly serious. Momma I'm scared of the manly serious, I'm just gonna hide behind this big, stretchy goalie. I like goalies. I don't even care if they can't make me happy and give me what I want, or if they run away because I'm a goalie-eating sex-kitten. At best I might get some just-friends spooning - *sigh* oh Bobby Nadeau. I would totally settle for some just-friends spooning while discussing the Martys.

Yep - I love goalies - the Poll is to the right, to the right, all my goalies in a box to the right. Only 5 days left. Vote!

Monday, August 25, 2008

It took them Long Enough

The Mooseheads have FINALLY released their training camp roster. Yep, there are indeed 6 goalies fighting for my love. Bring it on boys. BRING IT ON.

edit- I was just looking at the forwards. Ugh we invited Jeff Marchand. Jeff is the younger brother of Brad Marchand (see my last post). Jeff had his rights owned by Val d'Or. Did they release him?* There were some rumors of Jeff playing for the Moose floating around last season. What the Fuck is up with this. Admittedly I am a total asswad for saying this but I don't want another 19 forward on my team, and especially one that perhaps refused to play in Val d'Or. I don't know why he was not with Val d'Or, if it was because he did not have the skills or because he was too hoity-toity-tra-la-la fancypants to report there, but if it is because he did not want to leave home to report to a remote french town - then that is not the kinda kid I want on my team.

*edit - Wuest has the answer

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Squirrels, Dogs, Sea Dogs and other such Cougarbaits

The has two new full profile articles about Q players, one about former Moosehead (+Moncton, ++Val D'Or) and Boston Bruins prospect Brad Marchand, the other about Fog Devils defenceman TJ Brennan. They remembered to mention that Brad is too daft to listen to his coaches sometimes. For example:
"Ted Nolan coached him with Moncton of Quebec Major Junior Hockey League and reportedly used a few disciplinary benchings to get through to Marchand"

"Brent Sutter benched him a few times in the 2007 World Juniors"

" Cam Russell benched him for the final playoff game, a loss"

...but they forgot to mention that he, like a dog, perspires via panting. That is the only explanation I can come up with for why his tongue is always hanging out of his mouth.

A profile on Rangers prospects does not mention former Moosehead winger Ryan Hillier but does feature former PEI netminder Antoine Lafleur and 2008 draft pick Chris Doyle. There is also a Flyers profile on everybody's favorite squirrel Claude Giroux (Gatineau), Lewy/Quebec defenceman Kevin Marshall, Marc-Andre Bourdon (Huskies) and former Mooseheads goaltender Jeremy Duchesne:
"The Flyers' fourth-round pick in 2005 (No. 119) started his professional career with the Dayton Bombers of the ECHL last season, where he went 13-13-5 with a 2.97 GAA, 10th among the league's rookies, in 31 games.

He made two late appearances for the Phantoms, winning his only start.

At 6-foot and 201 pounds, Duchesne has good size but needs to work on his positioning and efficiency of movement. As one of the few goaltending prospects in the club's pipeline, he'll likely get a shot at winning a full-time spot in the AHL next season."

In current Q-news:
The Sea Dogs have traded 20 year old enforcer Brett Gallant to Lewiston for a draft pick in the 2009 draft. This solidifies the Sea Dogs 20 year old roster spots as Liske, Sparling and Gauthier (hot, hot, short but still totally hot... hot is a default state for my secret lovers - the Sea Dogs). You can read more about Brett's trade at the Telegraph Journal (for a Sea Dogs perspective) or at the Asylum (Lewiston Perspective). Don't cry Sea Dogs fans. You need experienced goal scorers not sweet and pleasant enforcers.

Speaking of Enforcers - the Q has handed down its recommendations on dealing with violence in the league. Fights are not banned. Whew.

Groulx has left the Gatineau Olympiques for the AHL. If cuddly squirrel Claude Giroux was leaving me behind I would get outta dodge too. Former assistant coach Mario Richter will be taking over.

The Wildcats have signed a giant - 6'8". I think I am in love. They had better not forget about my unrequited love Tyler Noseworthy. I want to see Noseworthy in a cats uniform this season. They have also signed on some other free agents for tryouts.

Huskies goaltender Mathieu Leclair will not be reporting to training camp. 18 year old Leclair was pretty much assured to be the Huskies starter this season but decided to concentrate on his studies instead.

Elsewhere in the Cougarbait Hockey League:
Someone needs to tell Stefan Legein that if he gives up the hockey it means he is giving up the hos. My sweet little cheshire cat can do whatever he wishes and whatever will make him happy but I'm just saying "Won't somebody please think of the puckbunnies?"

Friday, August 22, 2008

Just as I suspected

According to an article in today's issue of the Metro Steve Lund will not be returning to the Mooseheads this season because of persistent concussion issues.

Oh Steve, you were the steamiest, the dreamiest, the ...oh I am NOT going there. Let's just say that girls like Steve Lund and leave it at that. He probably doesn't even have to play hockey to get 1000 ladies clawing at his legs.

Toodles to my favoritest defenceman. I already miss you and your pink dress shirt, and your wandering around the concourse of the Metro Centre being tall and looking kinda pissed because you are not playing hockey.

David tweaks Steve's nip - thus making all the girls jealous

I hope I continue to see him jogging in my neighbourhood. He looks good when he is all sweaty and tall in shorts and a T-shirt being sweaty and tall. Have I said sweaty and tall yet? Mmmmmm Steve Lund.

Also - Steve is funny. No! really, honestly, funny. Funny, pretty, tall, well spoken, sociable, pretty, penalty getting, penalty drawing, pretty, tall, pretty defenceman. You can practically read the 'essence of drool' in my Lund rant. Have I said tall yet? When I am wearing 4 inch heels I come up to about his armpit. When he almost killed me by jogging into me as he sped around a corner I had to look up, way up, to identify the reckless jogger. Now that I think about it that was a good day - I could have had my nose broken by Steve Lund's chest. He would have owed me big time.

No really click the link. Check out the picture - mmmmm Steve muthafuckin' Lund. When I say the name Steve Lund there is one gigantic collective sigh from all of my hockey going girlfriends. Such is the power of Steve Lund.

Edit- the Metro made a mistake on Lund's B-day. This would have been his 19 year old season, but Steve turned 19 way back on Jan 9, 2008. We know this because it was on that day that he became officially oogleable and we were allowed to say naughty things about him. It was hard to repress the naughty, it really was.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

It is spelled MacAskill

The new season is rapidly approaching. Soon I shall have practically a whole new team of cuddle partners to keep me warm over the long, cold Canadian winter. I am going to do a little coverage of what is left of my team, then later I will take a quick look at who is eligible to fill all of those gaping holes.

This is not meant to be an in depth analysis, I don’t have the skills for that. It is just a simple way of showing what the Mooseheads have left – which is not much We are a bare skeleton of a team that needs a huge bowl of Pro-stars cereal to keep from looking so damn anorexic. The sugar-high is nice though.


Andrew White – RW – 20
Logan MacMillan – LW - 19
Yuri Cheremetiev – C - 19
Eric Louis-XVI – LW - 19
Tomas Knotek – C- 18
Travis Randell – C -17

Linden Bahm – RW - 19

Matt Snow – LW - 19

We need at least 12 forwards, we currently have 8.

Offensively, Tomas Knotek and Logan MacMillan are most likely to put up the points. By the end of last season Tomas was moved to the 3rd line and was working on his defensive game a bit more. He will probably be back to centering the 1st line again this season, which means there will be a lot of pressure on his offensive game. Hopefully he can continue to develop his defensive side.

Logan is the most complete player we have. He is expected to be on the PP, and the PK, all the while logging 1st line ice time. If I am lucky he will continue to fight and lose his jersey. If I am unlucky he will be weakened by overexertion and miss half the year.

Andrew White is also a complete player. You can stick him anywhere and he doesn’t seem to complain. It will be weird if Andrew is moved up to the first line. I think his offensive productivity last season was mostly due to the fact that our team was ‘so deep’ that players from the other teams did not see Andrew, the little, grindey 3rd line shut-down guy, as a target – they had bigger Czech fish to fry. Andrew does his best work when he is not a target. We will have to see how he adjusts in going from shifty eyed, unassuming, third-line guy with his jersey tucked in, to 1st line superstar. He had a bit of time on the 2nd line last season and he was still able to rack-up points, but I personally like Andrew more for his defensive game.

Yuri Cheremetiev
is our faceoff specialist but has played little more than third-or forth line ice time for most of his career. Last season his offensive prowess did not increase with increased playing time or a change in line pairings. Will this season be any different?

Neither Eric Louis-Seize (ELXVI - seen here wearing a suit), nor Travis (ol’ man) Randell had much ice time last season. Randell supposedly has a strong offensive upside which he should be able to develop more this season after being used in a shut-down role for the 46 games he played last season. Please remember that our shut down line was not actually used as a shut down line against the other team's top lines before we make any conclusions about the shut down skills of our shut down players. Wha? Exactly!

ELXVI, despite being 19 this season, has done little more than play on the 4th line and hit people. I guess we cross our fingers and pray that he can do more than hit. Well, I mean everyone else has to pray – I don’t pray… and I thoroughly enjoy nice big hits. If we give ELXVI more ice time for the sole purpose of throwing more big hits, I would probably still be very happy.


Graham Bona – L - 20
Justin Pender – L - 20
Ben MacAskill – R -19
Gabriel O’Connor – R - 18
Richard Greer – R - 17

R.D. Chisholm – L - 19

We need at least 6 defence, we have 5. You count 6, but we really only have 5. We also have to make the choice which of Pender or Bona we will be keeping as our overager. If we want to scare people and concentrate on our defence we keep Bona (and we don’t let him shave the back of his neck *shudder*). If we want to make people laugh and have more of an offensive upside with someone to play the point on the PP then we keep Pender. If our future is anything like our past we will have 9 Ds, most of which will be poopy and underdeveloped and the majority of our forwards will think themselves too fancy pantsed to bother helping out on the back-end.

Ben MacAskill is OK when he doesn’t stop to think or smell the roses. Perhaps he should be avoiding all of Cam Russell’s game plans and just clear the puck. We had a bad tendency to hold on to the puck in our own end, trying to do some mysteriously fancy thing with it and then get it would nabbed from us – in the slot. The outcome here is predictable. Sometimes, after a long bout of frivolous fancypantsing Ben would be the only boy to say “fuck this noise” and just clear it out along the boards. If I had one thing to say to our smart, sweet, cuddly Ben it is that deep thoughts will get you nowhere – just clear the puck.

The ghost of Ben MacAskill

You have a secret girlfriend in my girl A.N. She is awesome – you did good! She likes you for your big body, your sciencey brain, your pink cheeks and your seemingly gentle demeanor. Hockey skills? What's that? Remember that time you fell down during the Titan game? Benny fall down go boom. She laughed at you but she still proclaims her love. You are the cheese on her macaroni. Don’t stress about the little mistakes and remember that love is unconditional.

Speaking of Ben, I find it delightfully hilarious that some people (my boyfriend included) can’t spell MacAskill. We live in Nova Scotia, half of the population have a surname of McThis or MacThat (such as my MacBoyfriend). Why on earth would anybody then think to call him Ben MaCaskill, or in the case of one of my fellow scientist MaCeachern; it is spelled MacAskill and McEachern. Dearest boyfriend is not surnamed MaCboyfriend. Honestly, does anybody here know of someone whose surname begins with MaSomethingorother. The answer is a resounding NO.

The only reason Gabe O’Connor got as much ice time as he did in the second half of this season was because of Lund’s injury and management’s kicking Nick Goyens to the curb. Once Gabe started to get some regular ice time he became a better defenceman. I know, go figure hey! Who ever would have thought that actually getting to play the game would make you better at it? This would have been his draft year. All those 1st round draft picks in this years NHL draft – I am sure they got plenty of ice time over the past two years…because some teams play their defencemen. Now if only Gabe could learn how to keep the puck in the opponents’ zone and stop daydreaming (he is probably thinking of me) when he is standing at that blueline.

Richard Greer – who? 13 games!!! Yeah , that’s how we develop our defencemen. But we were in a ‘going for it year’ which is why little 16 year old Richie had to sit in the press box. Richie (drafted in the second round, #25 overall, is too teeny at 6ft and 170 lbs to play defence for a contending team…he is no 1st overall pick Simon Despres (Sea Dogs). I mean if Richie could play then Gatineau would have to play Hubert Labrie. Labrie (also 16 last season) was drafted in the second round, #29 overall, is 5’10 158 lbs and only played 69 games on the president’s cup winning team…Oh wait.


Mark Yetman – 20

Oh Mark, we have such a love hate relationship don’t we? You are a goalie, my goalie, and it is my sworn duty to love my goalies, but you are so damn butterfly. You need an upside! Most conservative butterfly goaltenders (Mior, Bernier, Riopel) are quite keen on playing the puck. Not you though. Would you please play the puck for me? Play it like it’s a lady. We know you can play the ladies. Show me what ya got!

Ya know what else would be nice:
1) not letting a puck in the net on the first shot
2) being on your game all year and not just in September, October and April.
3) no more over-committing on plays
4) be more careful about what you are trying to usurp. Someone’s place in nets - OK, other unmentionables - not so much
5) stay cute

That gives us:
three 20 year olds
six 19 year olds
two 18 year olds
two 17 year olds
and I thought this was a rebuilding season! Bring on the baybees!!!

Oh, and apparently our Logo is poo! Agreed!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


You leave town for a couple of days and it's like the whole world goes into a tailspin. The Caper Boys must have gotten wind of the fact that I was back on the island. Robert Slaney being the smart Newf that he was turned to Joey Haddad and said run Motherf*cker run. Not that Joey, Robert or the rest of their forwardly brethren need be scared of me. Truth be told - Joey Haddad actually scares me and I am the one who should be running.

So if you think that is scary, you should see the way he just sits there parked by the side of the net, just waiting to pass the puck off to some guy sitting on the other side of the net. In their 8 regular season games against the Moose in 2007-2008, Joey had 2 goals and 7 assists. He is the stuff of nightmares. When he is not playing hockey he hides in children's closets and under their beds.

Irrespective of who should be running away from whom (I have made it back off the island alive) both of us appear to be running somewhere. According to an article published in the Cape Breton Post Joey will be attending the Pittsburgh Penguins training camp. It's just another reason to hate the Penguins.

I wish I had something a little softer, sweeter, smarter and Newfier to look at!!!

Ah yes, Robert Slaney, the smart kid who was equally a thorn in the side of the Mooseheads this past season, racking up 4 goals and 8 assists in 8 games. Damn that boy. For all of his valiant effort and his supposedly giant 'brain' Robert has earned a tryout with the Carolina Hurricanes.

Some of those CB boys have to get a contract or get traded - they have too many overage players (5 that I can count: Culligan, Hadded, Slaney, Lamontagne, Concoran).

But Cape Breton do not want to think about that right now - they have happier events in their lives to organize since they, along with Saint John NB, will now play host to a portion of the QMJHL Canada Russia Challenge series which takes place in November.

If landing the QMJHL draft was their wedding shower then this is their wedding. Cape Breton had best be prepared to receive a lot of doilies and lace table cloths - I know this because I have been to many a Cape Breton wedding. I mean honestly, what young woman doesn't want her own doilies and lace table cloth collection?

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Training camp and Exhibition schedule

Somehow both of those things sound naughty to me.

The Mooseheads have announced their pre-season schedule on their website. All of the goalies just can't wait to get here to show me what they can do.

The training camp Schedule is as follows:

Friday, August 29th at Cole Harbour Place

11:00am-12: 30pm Team A On-Ice Practice

12:30pm-2:00pm Team B On-Ice Practice

7:00pm-9:00pm Inter-squad Scrimmage

Saturday, August 30th at Cole Harbour Place

9:00am-11:00am Team A On-Ice Practice

11:00am-1:00pm Team B On-Ice Practice

7:00pm-9:00pm Inter-squad Scrimmage

Arrrgggh. F'n Cole Harbour. No, I do not have a car!!! Do these guys know how inconvenient it is for ME when they stick everything in f'n Cole Harbour? They probably house all the goalies out there too just to keep them far away from me.

Our pre-season games are a series of home and aways against both Cape Breton and Moncton - but any n00b with eyes and a link to the Mooseheads webpage knew this ages ago. This will be our (my) first ever chance to lay our (my) eyes on Moncton's new baby goalie Louis Boileau-Domingue...if we (I) were actually going to be here to catch pre-season games...but

I will also be MIA all this weekend because I love my mother (and because she tells me I must).

Friday, August 15, 2008


That is how you describe a night with your very own Hottie Hockey Dreamy team. Yes, co-GMs W.A. Curl and I.M.W.G. Guys have sinned signed on all of the HHDTs essential positions and still managed to remain far below the cap. This allows me to add players of my liking to fill the rest of the roster: Vermette, Fisher, Latendresse anyone?

I suggest you check out the starting lineup. Carey Price is soooooo dessert. He seems like the kinda guy who takes everything slow, which is why I am going to take my time with him…he is a boy I would have to savour. Purrrrrrrr.

I have no idea what I am going to do to Letang but I am sure I will figure it out. Have I seen Letang 'play' before? Oh most definitely. He is a former Q-boy and a defenceman - so I think this encounter was meant to be. He looks sweet, which probably means that he is the exact opposite of sweet, maybe even a bit of a beastie in the bedroom. Rawrrrrr.

Yes, everyone gets a turn to show me what they can do (except that Vinnie guy…he can sit in a corner and watch).

Speaking of taking on multiple boys - my hunt for my next QMJHL boyfriend has turned decidedly in the favour of the Mooseheads young group of backup goaltender candidates: Mathieu, Stefan, Jeremie, Kody and Brandon. Ohhhh I like how y’all think. There are five of them and they are all under the age of 18. You are probably right – I should get my hands on them while they are young, teach them a thing or two, and then turn them loose on the world for the other girls to enjoy. Once a boy develops bad habits they stick with him for life, which is why it is important to develop good habits early on. Positioning, patience and stamina are the keys to success. I hope they remember that "training camp" starts at the end of this month.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Hockeyless summers suck

Memorial of Ivan Hlinka Tournament

Canada's under 18 squad has been running away with this one. So far we have defeated the USA 6-4, the Czech's 4-2, the Swiss 5-3, and the Swedes 4-3. The D's have been shutting them down big time - for example, in the game against Switzerland we faced 19 shots on net and their poor little goalie had to face 47. In the game against Sweden we had 51 shots whereas they were limited to 23. Give this Lieuwen kid some work wills ya Simon baby.

My preternaturally large baby Simon has been racking up the penalties: charging the Americans, roughing the Czechs, high sticking and hooking the Swiss, and finishing it off by slashing the Swedes - boy doesn't make the same mistake twice. Today we take on the Slovaks. What new and creative penalty will Simon be thrown in the box for*?

Links: prospects reports for the Wild feature Val d'Or's Marco Scandella while Montreal's features some old school Q boys like Jaroslav Halak (Lewiston) and Mathieu Carle (Bathurst Titan).

The Times and Transcript has a write up about Wildcats netminder Nicola Riopel and his upcoming adventures at the Habs rookie camp.

Will Mooseheads winger Jakub Voracek get to be the real number 93 in Columbus next year? If they are giving him numbers it means that the possibility of spending the 2008-2009 season with the Blue Jackets is within reach. That guy who shows up at Mooseheads games with the Voracek #20 Blue Jackets jersey totally needs to get that thing modified. Thanks to Bethany for the link.

The Sea Dogs have traded goaltender Matt Dopud to the Gatineau Olympiques. Matt played part of the 2006-2007 season with the Dogs.


Moncton Wildcats are looking for a GM. Their advert for a new GM probably starts with the words "Dear Ted, please save us".

The PEI Rocket are seeing some staff changes as well.

The Volts have hired their new goalie coach to replace Marco Marciano, who will be moving on to more gigantic and wonderful goalie coaching things.

*edit - So how did Simon Despres mix it up today against the Slovakians? - 1 goal, no penalties. Canada wins 9-1 and now advances to the Gold medal finals.

Monday, August 11, 2008

PJ Corsi is now officially signed ( I hope)

According to an article from Drummondville's L'Express, former Moosehead and newly appointed Voltigeur PJ Corsi has finally come to terms in with the NY rangers organization. Let's hope he is not pulling our leg again. The QMJHL website has already changed their Volts page - now Dany Masse is the Volt's feature player .

According to L'express:
The contract stipulates that Corsi attend training camp with the AHL Hartford Wolf Pack as of August 25, but his name will also be among the first ranks on the list of replacements for the next New York Rangers training camp, should invited players become injured or are not able to attend.

Just imagine if both PJ and Guillaume Monast (who has an invite to the delightfully glittering Dallas Stars training camp) end up with pro contracts. We now owe the Volts a 3th and a 7th (I assume this is for the 2009 draft). I wonder if we will owe Quebec compensation too.

Excuse me while I go weep for my team's future.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition

Sometimes when I meet a nerdy science-loving guy with glasses I ask him “…but what do you have that all of the other nerdy, science-guys with glasses don’t have?” Sometimes when I meet a goalie I ask the same question, “…and how are you are different from the other goalies?”

Usually the scientist will brag about how he did this experiment or how his research got published in that journal. Mostly they just try to prove that they are smarter than all the other boys. Sometimes they play guitar. Yawn.

The goalie will say things about how they are good at deflections, won defensive player of the week once back in 2005, and go to business school. Sometimes they play guitar hero. Double yawn.

But what if that goalie says, “I study science in school and I was Chicoutimi’s academic player of the month for November 2007”. Or what if that glasses-wearing science-boy says “Oh, and I am also a goalie!” Then what would a girl (whose two mistresses are science and goaltending) do when she comes upon a potentially smart, wonky smiled, glasses-wearing, science-loving goalie.

She would tell you to vote for him so that he could be her #1 QMJHL boyfriend for the 2008-2009 season. Science/quasi-nerdism is just one more reason why you should vote Bobby Nadeau.

I have already given you two reasons to vote Oliver Roy: a video and an OliRoy post.

You put yourself out there, wear a little sign that says " I love goalies" or better yet a t-shirt, and the goalies just start popping out from behind the shrubberies saying "hey, I'm a goalie". Oh, other goalies may come along and try to bring their misdirected woo. They may attempt to sabotage my boyfriend poll by worming their way into my heart before September 1st. To them I say: “Whoa, paddle-down young man, this is neither the time nor the place for you to be swinging that thing around. Maybe next season.”

Who is my next victim?

I will keep it close to my heart and close to my home (because I live only 10 minutes from the Metro Centre) by telling you a bit about my favoritest forward and #1 defensively offensive Mooseheads boyfriend and playa’s playa of the 2007-2008 season - Andrew White. I don't know if you noticed by checking out the label tags, but I write about Andrew a lot - 15 tags. As Keanu Reeves would say "whoa". Whoa indeed.

Andrew is the only non-goalie in my heart. He does not control a big space like a ventricle, but he does control an important place – the sinoatrial node. Someone has gotta keep that thing tickin’.

Normally when I love a forward it is because he is big, rough and tumble, a hitting machine and/or a pugilist. I like the boys that are out on that ice being the biggest pain in the ass to everyone else who is out there on the ice. Andrew is none of these things...and as a poopy bonus he likes Gretzky (ugh) and the Toronto Maple Leafs (double ugh). Luckily for both of us, he is no fancy pantsed, hoity-toity Mr Oh-la-la.

The thing about Andrew that perplexes me is the way he intrigues me despite all that he isn’t. He is wee – 5’11” 184 lbs, that is real boyfriend sized – not superpowered hockeyplayer boyfriend sized, and he is not the biggest hitter - with only 49 hits, his smack downs are less than half of what the big hitters bring.

It is all the little things that Andrew does that give me the tinglies. I like to call him the Spanish Inquisition – because Nobody expects the Spanish inquisition. His four three weapons are fear surprise, ruthless efficiency and a fanatical devotion to the pope game of hockey. This could possibly explain how he managed to rack up 22 goals in 64 games this past season. No, no one expected Andrew White, but there he was: backchecking, ‘working in small spaces down low’ (RAWR), parking his ass in front of the net, drivin' it hard, and getting goals when he wasn't getting concussions or pucks to the face.

We all know that if I am going to love a boy he is usually a member of the exclusive gritty committee. Andrew even has a gritty committee members ring (you can't see it because it's invisible). This boy never stops trying… EVER…and I need that that because I am very difficult to satisfy. Furthermore, he does not do stupid things that result in stupid penalties. There shall be no sitting around in the box when you could be out there playing with little round things and getting shit done – ya know?

From everything I have read about him he seems like one of those ‘salt of the Earth’ kinda kids: the kind with real summer jobs, that work for what they got and accept what they are given.

  • He first job was working carpentry with his dad.
  • He also supposedly had a summer job filling propane tanks.
  • He wears boxers not briefs, and he giggled sheepishly when he was asked that question.
  • He took figure skating lessons as a kid.
  • He likes ‘jig’s dinner’ (look it up) and Newfie music which means he will likely never be the boy you can coax into taking you to Cut for Foie gras.
  • He comes ensconced in gold – gold is nice.

I met Andrew once - he did not say a word. Either he is shy, he thinks I am creepy (awesome powers of perception - spidey senses maybe?), or he is an asshat. I will never know. Despite his sportsman like conduct on the ice I prefer to think that he has a touch of the evil in him. It must be his sinister looking eyes. I am hoping that there is secretly a very naughty boy behind the good boy facade.

The above is a picture of Andrew White and Pier-Olivier Pelletier discussing what they were going to get me for Easter. I received a half eaten chocolate bunny and an unopened package of POP-rocks in the mail later that week.

What I did not know at the time was that this 'gifting conversation' was followed by a heated argument over whose portion of my heart was more vital - Andrew's sino-atrial node or Pier-Olivier's left atrium. Pier-Oliver slipped the package of POP-rocks in with my Easter package in an attempt to tell me that it was he, not Andrew, who rocked my world. In order to sabotage Pier's efforts Andrew ate half the bunny and stuck a note on it - "from Pier". I knew he had some evil in him.


edit - Hooray for Guillaume Monast!!! Check it!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Letters from Home

When boys act all smart:

Matt Marquardt (Moncton /Baie Comeau) has been on a volunteer trip up north where he and another Bruins prospect, Jamie Arniel, spent time with some less fortunate children. Matt then wrote about his experience as a special correspondent for Like dude, he is so literate. Holy Hell:
"As the sun sets In Waskaganish after a long hockey-filled day, the swarming bugs barrel in on us as the staff hustles into the Auberge Kanio-Kashee Lodge and shuts'er down."

I suggest reading his story. I have suddenly lost all fear of Marquardt beating me up for my lunch money and giving me wet willies. Now I imagine him writing poems, being gentle with puppies, and serenading me by candle light *sighs*.

Memorial of Ivan Hlinka Tournament:
Remember to keep track of Simon and Hubert at the Memorial of Ivan Hlinka Tournament by visiting the Hockey Canada Website. Hockey Canada has a link whereat you can e-mail your favorite player. My e-mail would go something like this.

Dear Simon,
Every week I bake you cookies but you never come to my house to get them. At the end of the week I give the cookies to my dog and I bake a fresh batch. My dog is getting fat because cookies are for boys not for dogs. For the sake of the dog can you please come and get your cookies. I am not baking cookies for you while you are in the CR, but I will be sure to make a new batch for when you return with your gold medal. Do us proud son.

Visit the World of Jr Hockey to find out more about the Memorial of Ivan Hlinka tournament as well as the European under 20 summer challenge. The Under 20 Summer Challenge has some Q guys on their respective nation's rosters. H
uman puck magnet David Stich (Saint John), Jan Kana (PEI) and Jan Piskacek (Cape Breton) are repping the Czechs, while baby eater Denis Reul (Lewiston) is playing for the Germans.

More NHL Invites:

Mike Hoffman from the Drummondville Voltigeurs has been invited to the Flyers Training camp. Mike had a combined 24 goals and 24 assists in 62 games with the Volts and the Olympiques in the 2007-2008 season.

Nicola Riopel, goaltender for the Moncton Wildcats has been invited to the Montreal Canadien's training camp. For the 2007-2008 season Nicola had a 3.04 GAA and 0.910 save % in 47 games despite being plagued with injury, his team being mired in playoffless poo, and a win loss record of 15 W, 29 L. I know - that is pretty fucking amazing. The key to his success seems to be solid positioning and a magic glove.

I tried to hunt down more info on Nicola's invite from a reputable source (newspaper/ Canadiens website) but all I learned was that Carey Price had a dog named Spot and currently has a horse named Coco. Coco must be the horse that the Habs refused to fly in from BC so that Carey could get "back up on it" during the playoffs. Oh Carey, you have such creative naming of your pets - you are well beyond being delightfully boring. Shhh don't talk, don't even emote, just let me purrrr at you and knead you like a kitty.

Oh, and then I found this. Good luck Nicola.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Mo' prospect reports - now featuring ex-boyfriends

The has released two more prospect reports, one for the Florida Panthers, the other for the LA Kings. That is right - LA, it is a baby Bernier lovefest all up in here today.

From the LA kings Prospect Report:

Jonathan Bernier -- Bernier, the Kings' No. 1 pick (No. 11) in the 2006 Entry Draft, was impressive enough in training camp to earn the starting job for the season-opening game in London -- and was the No. 2 star in the Kings' 4-1 win over Anaheim. But he struggled after that and quickly was sent back to juniors to avoid destroying his confidence behind the Kings' porous defense. He was 1-3-0 with a 4.03 goals-against average with the Kings, then went 18-12-3 with Lewiston of the QMJHL and 1-1-1 with the Kings' AHL farm team in Manchester. At age 20, the Kings are hoping he's ready. "We don't want to rush him, but we have high expectations for Jonathan," (Mother F'n sexy mustachioed ex-goalie) Hextall said. "He's got the skills to be an elite goaltender. He's a very athletic goaltender with good quickness, and he's very willing to learn."

Dear Jon, for the love of the hockey gods - put on a mask. You wouldn't want to hurt your pretty, pretty. What will Connie over at the Kings Blog think if you come to her all puck faced?

See Jon, that's much better

From the Florida Panthers Prospect report:
Mike Frolik -- Frolik has been compared to Steve Larmer, the longtime NHL veteran who starred for the Chicago Blackhawks. The native of Kladno in the Czech Republic played his first season of North American hockey with the Rimouski Oceanic of the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League in 2006-07, finishing fourth among rookies with 73 points (31 goals, 42 assists). He then represented the Czech Republic in the 2007 World Junior Championships, registering four goals and two assists in six games. Injuries slowed his progress this past season with Rimouski, but he still managed 65 points, including 41 assists, in 44 games.

In an attempt to be better behaved (and less lazy) I have gone back and edited a few posts for which I had been naughty and ripped whole newspaper articles. I know that all y'all West coast and TO folks are bums like me and will likely not click the link to read stories in their entirety about kids you know nothing about. However, if I demand it then it must be done. How else will you learn? Once again it is a case of 'push button, get treat'.

Besides would you want me gettin' spankin's from this guy. This is Kenneth Irving (or at least I hope so) - his family owns Saint John, New Brunswick. Sure he may be dead, but that doesn't mean he can't still be VP in charge of spankings. I though Wrap Around Curl was sending her Spokane Chiefs Captain Bruton here to administer my spankings. That would be much more pleasant.

edit- We will start today's lesson on pushing buttons with this story on Saint John Sea Dog forward and native Haligonian Steven Anthony which was written by Nathan White for the Telegraph Journal. Anthony was a rookie with the SeaDogs in 2007-2008. He was invited to participate in the Canadian under 18 tryouts but did not make the cut for the Memorial of Ivan Hlinka tournament.

A Mooseheads story would be nice for a change *cough, Halifax newspapers, cough*.
Baby Jonathan Bernier picture from TSN's 2008 IIHF world Jr page
Irving pic from