Saturday, August 30, 2008

Day two

It is strange that the hockey continues to be played when I am not there to watch it live. It offends me immensely that the game was not put on hold while Bobby Smith sends a chauffeured limo to my door.

Anyway, Wuest has posted a breakdown for tonight's scrimmage. How many goals scored? 13!!!

Don't worry. Last night in a 7 on 6 game, many of the goals against Decker and Blois were scored in break-away style penalty shots. Since I was not at the game tonight I have no idea how many of those goals were scored on penalty shots. It would have been nice to see a breakdown of goals and assists, who was getting regular 5 on 5 goals vs penalty shots, and the shots on net for each goalie.

FYI: Willy Palov has written a Voracek article complete with interview for the Chronicle Herald.

Sea Dogs:
The telegraph Journal has two new articles on the Sea Dogs, and since I am secretly (or not so secretly) in love with the Sea Dogs I always feel a need to talk about them (in an annoying way- like one of those chicks who are soooooooo in love).

In sad Sea Dogs news: centreman Alexandre Leduc wonked his knee while jogging - badly. We are talking MCL, ACL and a meniscus tear. He will be out for at least the first half of the season, if not all season. This is why I do not jog. Either that, or it's because I am lazy.

In happy Sea Dogs news: the brothers Howes and Sparling are doing well. Baby Howes is rocking it like only a Howes could - he's a Hat trick baby (see the Leduc article for info on Howes). Baby Sparling makes big brother Sparling look like a damn hobo. Talk about a cutie. That's it, I am packing up and going back to high school (sometimes I still have nightmares about Sydney Academy). Well I guess looking cute does not actually mean you are doing good but opinions vary as to the importance and necessity of 'pretty skills'. You can always use them to distract your opponents.


"Dave Schultz" said...

trust me, you do not want to go back to high school. just sayin'

Q-girl said...

That is why I have nightmares about it.