Friday, August 29, 2008

Today My Heart Swings

uhhhhhhhhggggg droool

Yeah there was an inter-squad scrimmage. I was there - laughing my ass off. It is like I am covered in a thick jelly-coat of glee. I am just that happy to have watched some live hockey again. It was all deep sighs and hard clapping for my Whitey (who did not get that goal in the shootout and looked kinda despondent in the 3rd).

So many penalty shots.

Bona (#2 for red) looked good and 'the other Bona' (#2 for green) also looked good, 'the other Bona' was kinda fast for a big guy. I don't know where my player guide is and I am feeling far too hobo to look it up online.

Check on Desjardins
Check on Forbes-Brisebois
Check on Dumaresque
Yes, they made me very happy.

...and speaking of check. My friends told me Linden Bahm (or as they called him 'green 9') was checking me out. Little dude don't worry about girls, just play your hockey! I figure that maybe he thought I was weird looking and got to staring. That must be it. In my mind I am still the awkward girl who couldn't get a kiss between the ages of 18 and 22. Now that I am older and in a steady relationship, boys aged 18-22 seem to be paying an inordinate amount of attention to me. What the hell dudes? Where were you when I was your age?

Anyway, I did not notice because I was actually watching the hockey. Still...Ahhh cute. Bahm is my new boyfriend. I like him already. Yep, I am easy to please. It is just too bad that he is too young for me.

A note to the boys: When the first period is up and you are standing around at the end of the ice watching the game with Swan (was that Swan?) and Marchand - maybe you can take the time to make Mathieu Corbeil feel like he belongs instead of ignoring him through all of periods 2 and 3. That is not very 'teammanship' like. That is all.


Anonymous said...

i'm thinking stefan dumaresque would make you a good boyfriend

Q-girl said...

yes, almost perfect for a theoretical goalie boyfriend. He is not as tall as I would like - but I never held that against Ryan Mior. As a bonus his young age means that he could be my boyfriend for more than one year.

Anonymous said...

i've met him before and he's a good goalie, i wonder how he is doing in the camp?

Q-girl said...

He was pretty solid in the scrimmage. Wuest has it listed that F-B allowed no goals and Duma allowed 1. Not by my recollection - I think it was the opposite, green team got a 5 on 5 goal in the second on F-B while Dumaresque allowed none. There was a cookie-worthy glove save and he was really out there and being all bold n' stuff.

I would love to see each boy play more. Twenty minutes with a goalie is not enough time for me. Sadly, I don't think I will make it out to Cole Harbour again tonight.

Also, most of my attention was diverted from the game when trying to figure out who was who.