Saturday, July 12, 2008

Picking a new Q boyfriend: Now with pictures

I am clarifying my previous post - picking a new Q boyfriend, by adding the requested player pictures. I hope this makes all of our lives much easier.

Mark Yetman is our default choice, only because he is the Mooseheads starting goaltender for next year. Mark and I have some interpersonal issues we have to work out (we will never work them out), those issues being secret. For now let's just say that I am not very fond of Mark and leave it at that.

Edit - The candidates for backup goaltender
People visit but no one votes. I suspect it is because they are holding out to meet our candidates for backup-goaltender: Mathieu Corbeil-
Thériault, Jeremie Forbes-Brisebois, Kody Blois, Brandon Decker and Stefan Dumaresque. Forbes-Brisebois is the tallest at 6'6, with Corbeil-Thériault just a touch smaller at 6'4. The front runner is believed to be Corbeil-Thériault since he lasted the longest at training camp last year. Finding pictures of baby goalies is difficult.

Bobby Nadeau
played for the Chicoutimi Sagueneens, but was traded to the PEI Rocket to finish off his QMJHL career. Last season Bobby won the Jacques-Plante Trophy for best Goals Against Average in the league with a 2.63 in 46 games. He also had a respectable 0.899 save %. We like him not only because he is a good goalie but also because he is a lover (we don't talk about THAT anymore). He also gets write in points for the fact that I just discovered that his former teammate
Francis Pare wears glasses - who knew Pare was so mutherfuckin hot? Yes- glasses do make you hot.

Timo Pielmeier is the only NHL drafted goalie on my list, and he is the property of the San Jose sharks, just like his German counterpart Dimitri Patzold. What about Germany isn't awesome? I'll tell you what - nothing! During the 2007-2008 regular season Timo had the league's best save % at 0.911 and the 11th best GAA = 2.94 despite playing for a mid pack team with more losses to his name than wins. He may possibly be made of Marzipan and he apparently likes to strike sexy poses while wearing goalie gear. He has clearly been invading my dreams to find out how he can win my love - sexy poses in goalie gear - dear god boy - that's my fetish you are taking advantage of.

Louis Domingue is just a baby. I have never seen him play live, but this season he was the highest ranked goaltender drafted into the Q. You can however watch some video of him in play at my previous post entitled ohhhhhhh baby.

If pictures are not enough for you his draft day video is tres squee. Our love would involve bedtime stories and cookies...nothing more, I promise.

Olivier Roy is the best rookie goalie our league has ever seen. Following in the footsteps of all great Cape Breton goaltenders (Ondrej Pavelec, Martin Houle, Marc-Andre Fleury), Olivier has already shown everybody that he has what it takes to be a very high NHL draft pick and future star. This summer he has been invited to Hockey Canada's 2008 program of excellence goaltender training camp and the IIHF team Canada Under 18 Development Camp. He also has a very pouty bottom lip and good skin - you know, for a kid who turns 17 today. Happy birthday Olivier.

Andrew White
is clearly not a goalie. He is a hard-working role-player from Newfoundland. Everybody likes Andrew, this is why he is the Moosehead's version of the 'playa's playa' - meaning he is the guy who won the best sportsmanship award. Andrew has shifty eyes and looks like he wants to kill people. I like him, I like him ALOT. For more peepin' at Andrew in a suit check out this
facebook image.

Sometimes when my boyfriends piss me off, then we break up, I proceed to fuck around with either their best friend or their worst enemy (because I am a bitch, but only because he was a bitch first). Andrew and Yeti are road roomies and BFFs - so if I wanted to piss Yeti off, Andrew would be the obvious target. Also, of the two, I like Andrew a lot more than I like Yeti - I always have, despite the fact that Yeti is a goaltender.

Charles Lavigne
gives people heart attacks when he plays. He spends about 50 % of the time out of the net and the other 50% of the time poke-checkin'. He poke-checks so much they even managed to capture a picture of him poke-checkin' (he was pokin' at Keven Charland's puck). I fuckin' love Charles. I don't know why - maybe because the way he plays is so scary it will make your heart race, just like new love. Last year there was a rumor floating around that we were going to trade Yeti for Charles over the Christmas trade period - that rumor gave me a femmeboner.

Raffaele D'orso
of the Val d'Or Foreurs is the chronically forgotten about one. Sure he made it into the 2007 QMJHL portion of the Canada Russia challenge, but I think he is oft overlooked. Raf is from the land of goalies - St Leonard, Quebec. You get skillz just by breathing the air in St. Leonard. Raf is tiny- 5'10 but he doesn't play so tiny. He models his game after Marty Turco, and isn't he lucky that I just happen to love Marty Turco. Also, he has unilateral control over his crazy big ol' eyebrows and he wiggles them a lot - which we also like.

Ultimately, I need a new boyfriend to make up for the loss of the following hotness: Bernier, Pelletier, Mior, and Fullerton.

Mior and Fullerton make me think naughty things. They totally look like the kinda boys who could effectively deal with all of my crazy requests without suffering from fear or trauma. Damn, these boys make me want to solve all my goalie related woes 'Sean Avery style'.

However, if I dare touched P-O Pelletier (in a bad way) I would get cooties on him, and he is far too special for my cooties. My shaking his hand was enough to make him blush and giggle. He is soooo pretty-pretty, delicate and special, he should be kept in a glass box like Snow White. As for Bernier, I am afraid I would traumatize him and he would never be able to play again; he would just sit in the corner rocking back and forth muttering "so unclean" and weeping because he is sensitive like that.

So I can wait. Yes, I can wait - I promise. In September I will announce my new QMJHL boyfriend.

Nadeau images from cyberpresse and le bulletin regional
Pielmeier images from
Domingue image from the Times and Transcript
Roy images from and Canoe. ca
White image # 1 from
Lavigne images from
D'Orso images from Francis Vachon's gallery at Photoshelter and Progres St-Leonard

Bernier image is from Getty images, Pelletier from Viewimages, Mior from and Fullerton from David Connell's Sea Dogs Gallery


Heather said...

Oh so many pretty pretty boys to pick from.

I am liking the looks of Olivier and Raphael.

"Dave Schultz" said...

I lurves me the Yeti (I'm aware of the other "issues" but he's still really pretty)

D'orso and the eyebrows is a killer combo too

and the Timo still delish, lovin' the sexy poses. what the hell.

So final vote to Yeti with close #2 going to Andrew and the whole "road roommate" thing. That's, um, RAWR.

Q-girl said...

The vote meter is set so that you can select multiple boys at once - much like how I normally choose my boys.

"Dave Schultz" said...

back-up: Forbes-Brisebois. Fo' Sho' and so tall. swoon.

And based on the sweater he's wearing, he played with young Brooks Macek, my future boyfriend. Remember this?

holy jeebus.

Q-girl said...

When I saw that pic of Forbes-Brisebois I almost died . I immediately ran to the kitchen and started baking cookies. Dumaresque also inspires some serious baking.
I go to the practice arena and set the cookies under a large box held ajar by a stick attached to a rope.

I do remember Brooks. There are at least two other boys drafted into the Q from that prep school. The Q's #1 overall pick for 2008 attended ND last year

"Dave Schultz" said...

Dumareque totally cookie-deserving as well.

maybe i'll try the cookies with young Brooks...

Q-girl said...

I need better picks of the other boys. I suspect that Kody was just having a bad picture day. He looks adorable in any pics I have seen of him with his mask on.

dani said...

I love helping people pick out future ex-husbands!

Mmmm Timo looks delicious. The poses? It's too good. But Olivier also looks good in the middle picture. Is it wrong he's illegal? I looove goalies.

The choices are endless!

Q-girl said...

Olivier just turned 17. That is legal in Canada but in the States - not so much.

eyebleaf said...

"When I saw that pic of Forbes-Brisebois I almost died . I immediately ran to the kitchen and started baking cookies. Dumaresque also inspires some serious baking."

you girls are hilarious!

Q-girl said...

thanks for the vote of humour based confidence eyebleaf.

Wait! did you visit and not vote - I hope it is because you are mulling it over. That's what I have to do with the HHDT.

Q-girl said...

My LBD love comes from the fact that the boy looks like he has essence of Pelletier, the fluffy hair, the size, the body shape, the mouth full of teeth, the pouty lips and the big ol' smile.

I just noticed in his draft video that he is wearing white shoes with a white belt. How very Pelletier of him.

He doesn't know it yet but when he turns 18 he automatically graduates into being my boyfriend, irrespective of his game.

LadyAire said...

Heh, Timo is cute but he's got the ego to go with it. Watched him all last year with the St. John's Fog Devils and talked to him on at least one occasion. His English isn't that good and when asked a question he sort of looks a lot like a deer caught in the headlights.

Q-girl said...

they don't have to be smart, or speak good English to be my 'boyfriend'. They just have to look cute and stop the occasional puck. Speaking the language of love may also be essential

Also, determining who speaks English well is relative. I work mostly with foreigners and most of them are technically better at English than a lot of native speakers. I love the Germans...and hope to work in the 'land of beer, marzipan and chocolate' someday.

Perhaps the issue is our learning to speak clearly to foreigners at a reasonable pace and without using colloquialisms as opposed to Timo's actual failure to grasp the English Language. Mind you, he is only a young man and last year was his first year in North America.

Anonymous said...

puck bunny. Stop talking bout these guys that way. Its discusting!