Thursday, August 28, 2008


So finally, the day before training camp the news just starts rolling in.

First off Tomas Knotek has gotten a mini-tryout with the Minnesota Wild. F'n crazy I know. This is excellent news for young Knotek who was passed over in this year's draft. I think he was boned. According to Wuest's blog:

Halifax Mooseheads forward Tomas Knotek didn't get drafted in June, but he'll still get a taste of the NHL next month courtesy of the Minnesota Wild.

Knotek, who had 66 points as a rookie with the Mooseheads last season, is on the Wild roster for the Detroit Red Wings' annual prospects tournament in Traverse City, Mich.

Then we have an article in the Chronicle Herald by Willie Palov, discussing the returning players and who are likely to fill all of those empty roster spots.

Of the baby goalies he says:
"Mathieu Corbeil-Theriault is the front-runner to be Yetman’s understudy in goal....Goaltenders Stefan Dumaresque (11th round, 2007) and Jeremie Forbes-Brisebois made favourable impressions at last year’s camp and could push Corbeil-Theriault for the No. 2 job."

Ok, I can live with that. I am just totally stressed out about who gets the remaining twenty year old roster spots.

Meanwhile, the second and third overage positions will be impacted by how well the young players perform during the next two weeks. Patenaude said he and head coach Cam Russell will base their final decision on how much veteran help they feel they need up front or at the back end after taking some long looks at their young players.

"What we plan to do is evaluate how ready our rookies are at forward and also on defence, and then make a decision about where we need to keep our 20-year-olds," Patenaude said. "We already know what our overagers can give us and we’re comfortable with the type of players they are. But we want to make sure we have a good balance in our line-up and we’re not too weak in one area."

Wuest also gives us a breakdown of the intersqaud scrimmage teams. It is good to check the numbers because the boys will not all be playing with their standard numbers. GrahamBo is #2 - that is just crazy talk. The boys are probably already at their (billet) homes, abiding by their curfews (teehee), nestled into their little beds, and having little dreams about all the little ladies they will get when they finally play in the Q.

Finally Patenaude (via Wuest) tells us a bit more about our recent trade aquisitions McDonald and Shea.

To keep up with all the latest trade info keep an eye on the QMJHL website. Ohh look, Chicoutimi and Val d'Or are up to... stuff.


"Dave Schultz" said...

oh I'm glad I'm not the only one that tries to picture what they're doing, nested in bed and all that good stuff.

also, the last line of this post? yah, it kicks ass.

Q-girl said...

If i were them i would not be able to sleep. It would be like Christmas or early morning flights. I am always afraid i will sleep in and miss my flight so i don;t sleep at all.

How did you make that perverted- sometimes i think you are worse than me. I didn't know it was possible. We need to hold a cougar-off.

"Dave Schultz" said...

oh I can make anything perverted. You're just way super more articulate about it, mine usually ends up being blabbering and drooling over hotties. It's a bit embarrassing.