Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Negligent blogger returns for duty

Canadian Under 20 ball hockey team takes home the Gold (uhhhh 3 days ago):

Andrew White and Justin Pender just couldn't think of a gift to bring back to me when they return to Halifax for training camp in August. They thought 'maybe Q girl would like some newfie screech or some lingonberry jam'. Andrew argued that no, Q-girl would not like lingonberry jam because jams are a gift that you buy for old people, grandmas and stuff. Pender was bewildered. Then they asked the delightfully adorable Yeti what they could give me. They asked Yeti because they know that 'goalies are smart like that'. Yeti told them that classy ladies, like Q-girl, enjoy gifts of young men ensconced in gold. Ohhhh that boy IS smart.

Yes, Canada brought home ball hockey gold, and Justin Pender was (almost) king of the tournament with 5 goals and 3 assists. Here is a rundown of our victories:
Canada vs Bosnia Herzegovina 21:0 (AW - 1G, 3A; JP - 1G)
Canada vs USA 10:3 (JP - 3G, 1A)
Canada vs Italy 4:4 (AW - 1G; JP - 1G, 2A)
Canada vs Czech Republic 3:1 (AW - 1G)
Canada vs Slovakia 4:1 (AW - 1G)

All very well and good, we celebrate our gold by kissing Andrew and Justin all over! Halifax fans are very happy, yes? Overflowing with joy, yes? Ready to congratulate our boys on a job well done, yes? NO! Our fans are asshats. Wuest posted a small blurb about this in the Q-files and the only comment was from a fellow calling himself MC (MegaCunt I presume). MC says "If these guys can make the national ball hockey team then they must be playing against a bunch of girls or something. I wouldn't be surprised if the quality of play is less than that of the Play On tournament". To which Q-girl replies "MC deserves a swift and thorough kick in his MC".

For more info check out the Telegram.

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