Saturday, August 9, 2008

Letters from Home

When boys act all smart:

Matt Marquardt (Moncton /Baie Comeau) has been on a volunteer trip up north where he and another Bruins prospect, Jamie Arniel, spent time with some less fortunate children. Matt then wrote about his experience as a special correspondent for Like dude, he is so literate. Holy Hell:
"As the sun sets In Waskaganish after a long hockey-filled day, the swarming bugs barrel in on us as the staff hustles into the Auberge Kanio-Kashee Lodge and shuts'er down."

I suggest reading his story. I have suddenly lost all fear of Marquardt beating me up for my lunch money and giving me wet willies. Now I imagine him writing poems, being gentle with puppies, and serenading me by candle light *sighs*.

Memorial of Ivan Hlinka Tournament:
Remember to keep track of Simon and Hubert at the Memorial of Ivan Hlinka Tournament by visiting the Hockey Canada Website. Hockey Canada has a link whereat you can e-mail your favorite player. My e-mail would go something like this.

Dear Simon,
Every week I bake you cookies but you never come to my house to get them. At the end of the week I give the cookies to my dog and I bake a fresh batch. My dog is getting fat because cookies are for boys not for dogs. For the sake of the dog can you please come and get your cookies. I am not baking cookies for you while you are in the CR, but I will be sure to make a new batch for when you return with your gold medal. Do us proud son.

Visit the World of Jr Hockey to find out more about the Memorial of Ivan Hlinka tournament as well as the European under 20 summer challenge. The Under 20 Summer Challenge has some Q guys on their respective nation's rosters. H
uman puck magnet David Stich (Saint John), Jan Kana (PEI) and Jan Piskacek (Cape Breton) are repping the Czechs, while baby eater Denis Reul (Lewiston) is playing for the Germans.

More NHL Invites:

Mike Hoffman from the Drummondville Voltigeurs has been invited to the Flyers Training camp. Mike had a combined 24 goals and 24 assists in 62 games with the Volts and the Olympiques in the 2007-2008 season.

Nicola Riopel, goaltender for the Moncton Wildcats has been invited to the Montreal Canadien's training camp. For the 2007-2008 season Nicola had a 3.04 GAA and 0.910 save % in 47 games despite being plagued with injury, his team being mired in playoffless poo, and a win loss record of 15 W, 29 L. I know - that is pretty fucking amazing. The key to his success seems to be solid positioning and a magic glove.

I tried to hunt down more info on Nicola's invite from a reputable source (newspaper/ Canadiens website) but all I learned was that Carey Price had a dog named Spot and currently has a horse named Coco. Coco must be the horse that the Habs refused to fly in from BC so that Carey could get "back up on it" during the playoffs. Oh Carey, you have such creative naming of your pets - you are well beyond being delightfully boring. Shhh don't talk, don't even emote, just let me purrrr at you and knead you like a kitty.

Oh, and then I found this. Good luck Nicola.


wrap around curl said...

Uhm, what man names a horse Coco? Is it Coco, as in Chanel? So many burning questions.

Q-girl said...

Carey is a genius. Maybe he named his horsey after Ice-T's lady Coco. Klassy. He is the world's dullest ball of soft, sweet, and sexy. Oh and those leg flicks - mew.

Speaking of Coco, I am still waiting for boyfriend to get his grandmas vintage Chanel watch repaired for me. It can go with my snazzy Prada and Versace glasses (I have both) - coolest nerd in town. Classy.

Vintage Chanel -le sigh