Sunday, August 31, 2008

This is the face of our Enemy

Instead of obsessing over hockey today I went out and bought a great new pair of shoes (on sale) and then went to Canadian Tire to purchase some electrical wire so that I could finally hang that lamp in the bedroom (1 year and counting). When I returned home I put on the new shoes, clicked the heels – there’s no place like ‘win’ and checked the QMJHL website.

We were halfway through our game against the Eagles and much to my joy and surprise we were defeating them 2-1. Then the game came to a standstill, the little box on my screen - it did nothing. Oh sure shots on goal increased, penalties were handed out, but there was no change in score. There it stayed 2-1, five minutes later – still 2-1, and again five minutes after that 2-1. Oh hooray for us. With about three minutes left to go I dusted my hands of the Eagles – good game boys, and walked away to install my long-suffering-in-a-box modern pendant. The boys will live without me, I have more ‘growed-up’ things to do.

The lamp looks great. It took forever to determine the height and location but it does indeed look great. Yes, the world is awesome. We won our first pre-season game against the Eagles and I finally installed that damn pendant lamp. What do you mean we didn’t defeat the Eagles? They used their only two 20 year olds on today’s roster to pull out a goal in the final two minutes of the game, and then went on to defeat us in the shootout. Awwww muther son-of-a crap. There is Eagle egg all over our faces. Ewwwww. It looks like it was one of those typical Mooseheads games too, where we throw everything on net (45 shots) and still manage to lose.

Scoring started with Eagles overage defenceman Lamontagne slipping an unassisted goal (of unknown quality or variety) past Mathieu Corbeil. In the dying minutes of first period Randell (assisted by Grant and Piette) got the Moose on the board to tie up the game. About halfway through the second period one of my lower totem new boyfriends Linden Bahm put the Moose ahead on a goal assisted by Mr. Gabe. Cue my entrance, joy, testing new lipliners, more joy, lamp hanging and inevitable sorrow.

Some wee sprig named Maximilien Le Sieur drove a steak through my heart by putting a puck past Dumaresque’s lithe goalie body with only 1 minute and 20 seconds remaining in the game. Lamontagne and Murd (I just like saying Murd) gave him the puck with which to do the dirty deed.

Snow, O’Brien and Grant were unable to satisfy me in the shootout. Instead it was Cape Breton’s Jean-Christophe Gauthier who dropped by, did the wham, bam thank-you ma’am and ended the game. Alex Newman gets the win for Cape Breton after allowing no goals in 17 shots during the final half. Damn it.

Oh, and to top it off our third round draft pick Alex Lemieux just up and leaves because he does not want to share me with the other boys. That leaves us with only one 16 year old player (Desjardins) for the roster this year. Then the Moose told me that I cannot have defenceman Caldwell or forwards Fulton, Reiss and Jessome either. The Moose brass are stricter than the old nuns at a Catholic School.

Here, read this story about some of our young forwards by Willy Palov from the Chronicle Herald. Maybe it will make you feel better.

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