Friday, August 15, 2008


That is how you describe a night with your very own Hottie Hockey Dreamy team. Yes, co-GMs W.A. Curl and I.M.W.G. Guys have sinned signed on all of the HHDTs essential positions and still managed to remain far below the cap. This allows me to add players of my liking to fill the rest of the roster: Vermette, Fisher, Latendresse anyone?

I suggest you check out the starting lineup. Carey Price is soooooo dessert. He seems like the kinda guy who takes everything slow, which is why I am going to take my time with him…he is a boy I would have to savour. Purrrrrrrr.

I have no idea what I am going to do to Letang but I am sure I will figure it out. Have I seen Letang 'play' before? Oh most definitely. He is a former Q-boy and a defenceman - so I think this encounter was meant to be. He looks sweet, which probably means that he is the exact opposite of sweet, maybe even a bit of a beastie in the bedroom. Rawrrrrr.

Yes, everyone gets a turn to show me what they can do (except that Vinnie guy…he can sit in a corner and watch).

Speaking of taking on multiple boys - my hunt for my next QMJHL boyfriend has turned decidedly in the favour of the Mooseheads young group of backup goaltender candidates: Mathieu, Stefan, Jeremie, Kody and Brandon. Ohhhh I like how y’all think. There are five of them and they are all under the age of 18. You are probably right – I should get my hands on them while they are young, teach them a thing or two, and then turn them loose on the world for the other girls to enjoy. Once a boy develops bad habits they stick with him for life, which is why it is important to develop good habits early on. Positioning, patience and stamina are the keys to success. I hope they remember that "training camp" starts at the end of this month.


"Dave Schultz" said...

I can take Vinny off your hands, no worries.

wrap around curl said...

But who would be the back up goalie...

Positioning is absolutely integral.

Q-girl said...

Well my hockey hubby IS Martin Brodeur...he ain't young anymore but a goalie is like a fine wine, and we are in this together for the long haul. I would hate to see him as a backup though...which is why I never recommended it.

Damn. Marty is fiiiiinnnneeee... I would and I would and I would all night long. I don't even care if he just got married for the second time (to his ex-sister in law) and has 4 children.

As for the baby goalies: Positioning is lesson number 1. Lesson number 2 - playing the 'puck'. Lesson number 3 - how to use that big stick with the paddle.