Saturday, August 30, 2008

The first cut is the deepest

The Mooseheads have released nine players from the training camp roster:
Brandon Decker (Goaltender)
Kody Blois (Goaltender)
Zachary Lodge (Defenceman)
Travis Busch (Defenceman)
Doug Burns (Defenceman)
William Cloutier (Forward)
Anthony Nobili (Forward)
Kyle McGuirk (Forward)
Jordan Mock (Forward)

...and just like that my list of potential QMJHL boyfriends has been cut down to 3: Corbeil, Forbes-Brisebois and Dumaresque. Pity, I could personally handle keeping all five. Next thing you know they will be telling me that three backups is too many and why can't I just be happy with Yeti and one other. I keep telling you and telling you - I need many men (preferably goalies) all at once to keep me happy. This is why I emotionally invest in whole teams and sometimes multiple teams, thus increasing the number of goalies in my life.

*edit - apparently O'Leary and Popelar decided to roll outta Mooseheadistan in order to maintain their NCAA eligibility.

Sea Dogs have released seven:
Dane Horvat (Forward)
Daniel Crescenzi (Forward)
Desmond Cowan (Defenseman)
Paul Hutchings (Forward)
Sam MacMaster (Forward)
Evan Sparling (Forward)
Luc Leblanc (Defenseman)

The pretty - it got baby Sparling nowhere!!!

edit - For more Sea Dogs training camp info see their webpage here, here and here. There are pictures of Kirky looking like a diva. Yes, there is even VIDEO (not great video, mind you. Dear editing guy - ow my brain) . Still - God, I love these guys.

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