Thursday, August 28, 2008

Oh Ma Ga - The Moose aquire a Sea Dog

From the Mooseheads Website:

Halifax Mooseheads have acquired 18-year-old defenseman Scott MacDonald from the Saint John Sea Dogs, Mooseheads’ General Manager Marcel Patenaude announced today.

MacDonald, from Waverley, NS, was drafted by the Sea Dogs in round 7 (#109) of the 2007 QMJHL Entry Draft from Dartmouth Midget AAA, where he scored eight goals and added 25 assists during the 2006-07 season.

Last year, MacDonald played in 21 QMJHL games for Saint John, recording one assist and seven penalty minutes.

In return, the Mooseheads sent Saint John their eighth round pick in the 2010 QMJHL Entry Draft, pending approval by the league.

In another roster change, under an agreement with the Drummondville Voltigeurs, 19-year-old forward David Shea of Bedford, NS, Rouyn-Noranda Huskies ninth round selection (#158) in the 2006 QMJHL Entry Draft, will participate in the Mooseheads training camp. In 32 games last season, 14 with Rouyn-Noranda and 18 with Drummondville, Shea scored one goal, one assist, with 52 penalty minutes.

Also, 18-year-old defenseman Joseph Dillon, of Shrewsbury, MS, Mooseheads’ 10th round pick in 2007, has decided not to report and will not be at the Mooseheads’ 2008 training camp.

I just hope that Scott McDonald (way to spell your own player's name wrong Mooseheads website) knows that being an 18 year old defenceman with the Moose is
absolutely no guarantee of ice time. Isn't it sweet that the Sea Dogs are making room for daddy's boy Nathan. Who wants to make wager that a spot was cleared for Nathan? Also, it is totally not coincidental that we traded for a local boy. We go for local boys every time. I want French boys and Newfies. Only French boys and Newfies (and Lunderstruck back - but I ask for the impossible).

On a quick aside I would like to point out the following articles by Wuest written for the Metro: today's article, and this article written Wednesday about the Bouchard trade.
In them he implies that Andrew White is not a lock to make the team. Bitch please!!! Do Patenaude and Russell want to die? It is time to break out my Whitey voodoo and my Mooseheads staff voodoo dolls. The Whitey goes into my bra - the others get stomped on repeatedly. Andrew had better make the team. I do not want to have to kiss him better to ease his mental anguish. I would rather kiss him better after a devastating hit along the boards.

Also, as I have pointed out earlier, Andrew and Yeti are the breads in my Q-girl/Mooseheads sandwich of this season - what is a sandwich with only one bread? Also, you do not want to leave me alone with Yeti. puurrrrr my lovely #22. I am starting to get angry. You would not like me when I am angry.

Apart from that what really kills me is the following quote:

"The Mooseheads are left with four 20-year-olds: goaltender Mark Yetman; defencemen Justin Pender and Graham Bona; and forward Andrew White. Yetman is virtually assured a spot after an outstanding second half last season. There is no other goaltender with QMJHL experience in the system.

The Mooseheads will strongly consider Pender and Bona for the other two spots because there isn’t much experience on the blue line, while White will need a strong training camp to win a spot because of the team’s depth up front."

Uhhh there would have been experience on the blueline if we didn't horde 9 defencemen and then not let half of them play.

Dude, just having players to fill roster spots does not mean we have depth up front. We have two guys who in the past have managed to pull off 1PPG seasons - Knotek and MacMillan. Other than that we have White and Cheremetiev that are near 0.5 PPG seasons. Everyone else from last year's roster is far below that - either because they were used in shut down roles or because they had minimal ice time. We don't know what they can or will be able to do offensively this season unless we have a crystal ball (or Cristobal Huet - yes please).

If we are lucky, Snow will be able to transform his MJAHL magic into QMJHL magic and still be on pace for a PPG season despite now playing in a tougher league, and Randell will have a chance to get his offensive game going with more ice time and by playing a different role this year. That being said, we have no idea what will happen or how Russell will decide to play these boys. Depth pfffff. We barely have 2 proven solid lines. What are you huffing Wuest? Whatever it is I want some of it.

As for saying that Yeti had a
"outstanding second half last season" what you meant to say was he had 8 solid, or good, or sometimes barely acceptable games at the end of the season and then he had a nice solid playoff run until we imploded in those final 2 games in Gatineau. Before that he sat and choked when put on in relief of P-O, then sat and choked, and choked and sat some more. If Yeti's mid-season performance was our sex life I would have moved on long ago. Talk about unsatisfying. It is not all about that big goalie stick. I would be all "I did something for you now you have to do something for me". But he would refuse to 'stop pucks' as it were, and I would walk away because I am grown-up and big girls don't settle for selfish netminders. As it is we are stuck on being cuddle partners - my Mooseies and I do not play like that.


"Dave Schultz" said...

omg, I have voodoo dolls too. One for Tyler Schmidt (aka Schitty) and now-departed TJ Fast. I shall have to replace him with someone else...

hopefully comparing Yeti's performance to sex will get him whipped into shape. So to speak...

Q-girl said...

did either go into your bra?

Yeti will not listen as long as everybody else continues to tell him he's great.

"Dave Schultz" said...

no, they were specially made of players I wanted to punch. They were not bra-worthy. They did get their heads rolled up in the windows of the car following bad games, you can see the pictures on my facebook.

Yeti should listen to you. You know what you're talking about, especially when hot goalies are concerned.

wrap around curl said...

Silly boys, thinking just because the equipment works they can do a job right...

Q-girl said...

exactly wrap