Sunday, August 24, 2008

Squirrels, Dogs, Sea Dogs and other such Cougarbaits

The has two new full profile articles about Q players, one about former Moosehead (+Moncton, ++Val D'Or) and Boston Bruins prospect Brad Marchand, the other about Fog Devils defenceman TJ Brennan. They remembered to mention that Brad is too daft to listen to his coaches sometimes. For example:
"Ted Nolan coached him with Moncton of Quebec Major Junior Hockey League and reportedly used a few disciplinary benchings to get through to Marchand"

"Brent Sutter benched him a few times in the 2007 World Juniors"

" Cam Russell benched him for the final playoff game, a loss"

...but they forgot to mention that he, like a dog, perspires via panting. That is the only explanation I can come up with for why his tongue is always hanging out of his mouth.

A profile on Rangers prospects does not mention former Moosehead winger Ryan Hillier but does feature former PEI netminder Antoine Lafleur and 2008 draft pick Chris Doyle. There is also a Flyers profile on everybody's favorite squirrel Claude Giroux (Gatineau), Lewy/Quebec defenceman Kevin Marshall, Marc-Andre Bourdon (Huskies) and former Mooseheads goaltender Jeremy Duchesne:
"The Flyers' fourth-round pick in 2005 (No. 119) started his professional career with the Dayton Bombers of the ECHL last season, where he went 13-13-5 with a 2.97 GAA, 10th among the league's rookies, in 31 games.

He made two late appearances for the Phantoms, winning his only start.

At 6-foot and 201 pounds, Duchesne has good size but needs to work on his positioning and efficiency of movement. As one of the few goaltending prospects in the club's pipeline, he'll likely get a shot at winning a full-time spot in the AHL next season."

In current Q-news:
The Sea Dogs have traded 20 year old enforcer Brett Gallant to Lewiston for a draft pick in the 2009 draft. This solidifies the Sea Dogs 20 year old roster spots as Liske, Sparling and Gauthier (hot, hot, short but still totally hot... hot is a default state for my secret lovers - the Sea Dogs). You can read more about Brett's trade at the Telegraph Journal (for a Sea Dogs perspective) or at the Asylum (Lewiston Perspective). Don't cry Sea Dogs fans. You need experienced goal scorers not sweet and pleasant enforcers.

Speaking of Enforcers - the Q has handed down its recommendations on dealing with violence in the league. Fights are not banned. Whew.

Groulx has left the Gatineau Olympiques for the AHL. If cuddly squirrel Claude Giroux was leaving me behind I would get outta dodge too. Former assistant coach Mario Richter will be taking over.

The Wildcats have signed a giant - 6'8". I think I am in love. They had better not forget about my unrequited love Tyler Noseworthy. I want to see Noseworthy in a cats uniform this season. They have also signed on some other free agents for tryouts.

Huskies goaltender Mathieu Leclair will not be reporting to training camp. 18 year old Leclair was pretty much assured to be the Huskies starter this season but decided to concentrate on his studies instead.

Elsewhere in the Cougarbait Hockey League:
Someone needs to tell Stefan Legein that if he gives up the hockey it means he is giving up the hos. My sweet little cheshire cat can do whatever he wishes and whatever will make him happy but I'm just saying "Won't somebody please think of the puckbunnies?"


Bethany said...

My sweet little cheshire cat can do whatever he wishes and whatever will make him happy but I'm just saying "Won't somebody please think of the puckbunnies?"
Oh my god, I love you!! HAHA!!!

Q-girl said...

poor poor puckbunnies