Tuesday, August 26, 2008

When rumours come true

The Mooseheads website is reporting that pugilist David Bouchard, who was acquired from the Voltigeurs at Christmas and will be entering his 20 year old season this year, has been traded to his hometown Chicoutimi Sagueneens for a 5th round pick in the 2010 draft.

If you punch him in the face, does he not bleed?

Au revoir glasses wearing fighter guy. I will not miss your 'penalties for existing' and your lack of actual fighting. Wow 24 fights in 2007 while with the Volts, but only 9 after Christmas since coming to Halifax. Why go out and get a fierce fighty guy and not let him fight? That's like putting a pretty boy in front of me and telling me not to touch the pretty pretty. I'm a frustrated girl in her prime, it's just unfair.

The Metro is reporting that of this year's draft prospects only defenceman Andrew Morrison will not be reporting to training camp. Boo. I wanted 3 Andrews. I wanted to change our name to the Halifax Andrews - then I wanted to cuddle the Andrews. It is just my way of getting close to my Whitey.

The NHL.com have put out more prospect reports for The Saint Lewis Blues and the Washington Capitals.

Who's a goalie. Jakie's a goalie. Yes he is. Catch. Good goalie *rubs belly*
Jake Allen -- The Blues made Allen the 34th overall pick in last month's draft. He's heading back to the QMJHL to play his second season. Allen was 9-12 with a 3.14 GAA and .901 save percentage in 30 appearances for St. John's as a rookie last season.

Allen doesn't turn 18 until August so he is still very much a project for the Blues. Look for him to follow the course of playing more minutes in the QMJHL before moving to the ECHL, then the AHL, and perhaps one day to the NHL.

Apparently Brett Gallant, who was recently traded from Saint John to Lewiston is keeping his options open, having received offers from the CHL as well as his home town MJAHL team.

Wow, there is a new Q blog. A Moncton Wildcats blog at that. May I recommend that all they discuss is baby Louis and my unrequited love Tyler Noseworthy. I doubt that is going to happen - it is all kinds of manly serious. Momma I'm scared of the manly serious, I'm just gonna hide behind this big, stretchy goalie. I like goalies. I don't even care if they can't make me happy and give me what I want, or if they run away because I'm a goalie-eating sex-kitten. At best I might get some just-friends spooning - *sigh* oh Bobby Nadeau. I would totally settle for some just-friends spooning while discussing the Martys.

Yep - I love goalies - the Poll is to the right, to the right, all my goalies in a box to the right. Only 5 days left. Vote!


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