Monday, August 4, 2008

Team White, Team Red ... and Jakub Voracek?

Hockey Canada has posted the results for the 1st Team Canada under 18 scrimmage taking place at their training camp in Calgary. Team White defeated team Red 2-0. My chubbycheeked cuddlebunny Maxime Clermont (Gatineau) allowed the only goal of the game, the other was an empty netter.

Who were the glorious goaltenders to get that shutout: that's right! our boy Olivier Roy (Screaming Eagles) and some young west coast chap named Nathan Lieuwen (Westside - BCHL).

While I am on an OliRoy roll I am just going to post an old you tube video of an Eagles vs Wildcats game from the 2007-2008 season. At about 6:00 into the video
Nicolas Chouinard interviews his teammate Olivier about his recent shutout performance en Francais. They switch to English at about 8:00 into the video.

Don't tell me that you do not want to take Olivier Roy home, tie him to a chair in your kitchen, and force feed him cookies. Without the playoff skullet HE IS ADORABLE...and this is coming from a Mooseheads fan - sworn mortal enemy of the Eagles, or at least I should be were I not from Cape Breton.
For you see I am a Moose convert - a traitor. I can't go home. They will gouge out my eyes.

There is still a fleck of Eagle love in my heart (lodged near one of my valves - if it is removed I might die) which persists because that team plays with so much grit and intensity that they make it difficult not to love them. But when you live with 25 Moose, who are so sweet and cuddly soft, it is difficult not to love them as well.

Anyway, back to Hockey Canada: The Victorious team White features Mooseheads forward Old Man Randell, David Gilbert (Quebec Remparts), Matthew Brown (Moncton), Gleason Fournier (Rimouski) and Mikael Tam (Quebec).

Team Red features
Simon Despr├ęs (Saint John), Hubert Labrie (Gatineau), Yeti Jr. (Shawinigan), and Steven Anthony (Saint John).

What did our glorious Q players do? I have no idea! All I can say is that the Q-boys combined for no goals, no assists and not even a single penalty. I guess that taking no penalties is good!

__________________________________ has a feature on Mooseheads winger and 2007 BlueJackets 1st round draft pick Jakub Voracek. While I love to copy and paste everything here - I will instead refer you to the
Hockey Scene website.

It would seem that the Blue Jackets are taking very serious look at keeping Jakub even though he will only be 19 this season. They say his main weakness is his reluctance to shoot, preferring instead to use his remarkable vision to act as a playmaker.

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dani said...

Don't tell me that you do not want to take Olivier Roy home, tie him to a chair in your kitchen, and force feed him cookies.

YES!!! I think I overdosed on cuteness watching that video. Merci for sharing!!!