Friday, August 22, 2008

Just as I suspected

According to an article in today's issue of the Metro Steve Lund will not be returning to the Mooseheads this season because of persistent concussion issues.

Oh Steve, you were the steamiest, the dreamiest, the ...oh I am NOT going there. Let's just say that girls like Steve Lund and leave it at that. He probably doesn't even have to play hockey to get 1000 ladies clawing at his legs.

Toodles to my favoritest defenceman. I already miss you and your pink dress shirt, and your wandering around the concourse of the Metro Centre being tall and looking kinda pissed because you are not playing hockey.

David tweaks Steve's nip - thus making all the girls jealous

I hope I continue to see him jogging in my neighbourhood. He looks good when he is all sweaty and tall in shorts and a T-shirt being sweaty and tall. Have I said sweaty and tall yet? Mmmmmm Steve Lund.

Also - Steve is funny. No! really, honestly, funny. Funny, pretty, tall, well spoken, sociable, pretty, penalty getting, penalty drawing, pretty, tall, pretty defenceman. You can practically read the 'essence of drool' in my Lund rant. Have I said tall yet? When I am wearing 4 inch heels I come up to about his armpit. When he almost killed me by jogging into me as he sped around a corner I had to look up, way up, to identify the reckless jogger. Now that I think about it that was a good day - I could have had my nose broken by Steve Lund's chest. He would have owed me big time.

No really click the link. Check out the picture - mmmmm Steve muthafuckin' Lund. When I say the name Steve Lund there is one gigantic collective sigh from all of my hockey going girlfriends. Such is the power of Steve Lund.

Edit- the Metro made a mistake on Lund's B-day. This would have been his 19 year old season, but Steve turned 19 way back on Jan 9, 2008. We know this because it was on that day that he became officially oogleable and we were allowed to say naughty things about him. It was hard to repress the naughty, it really was.


wrap around curl said...

Oh heyyyyyy Lund. Mmmmmm.

Q-girl said...

He left me illiterate...yeah, that is how bad this post is. It is all Lund's fault.

Anonymous said...

Hey, where's Lund now?

Q-girl said...

As far as I know, just being a citizen. I think he goes to Dalhousie.