Tuesday, August 19, 2008


You leave town for a couple of days and it's like the whole world goes into a tailspin. The Caper Boys must have gotten wind of the fact that I was back on the island. Robert Slaney being the smart Newf that he was turned to Joey Haddad and said run Motherf*cker run. Not that Joey, Robert or the rest of their forwardly brethren need be scared of me. Truth be told - Joey Haddad actually scares me and I am the one who should be running.

So if you think that is scary, you should see the way he just sits there parked by the side of the net, just waiting to pass the puck off to some guy sitting on the other side of the net. In their 8 regular season games against the Moose in 2007-2008, Joey had 2 goals and 7 assists. He is the stuff of nightmares. When he is not playing hockey he hides in children's closets and under their beds.

Irrespective of who should be running away from whom (I have made it back off the island alive) both of us appear to be running somewhere. According to an article published in the Cape Breton Post Joey will be attending the Pittsburgh Penguins training camp. It's just another reason to hate the Penguins.

I wish I had something a little softer, sweeter, smarter and Newfier to look at!!!

Ah yes, Robert Slaney, the smart kid who was equally a thorn in the side of the Mooseheads this past season, racking up 4 goals and 8 assists in 8 games. Damn that boy. For all of his valiant effort and his supposedly giant 'brain' Robert has earned a tryout with the Carolina Hurricanes.

Some of those CB boys have to get a contract or get traded - they have too many overage players (5 that I can count: Culligan, Hadded, Slaney, Lamontagne, Concoran).

But Cape Breton do not want to think about that right now - they have happier events in their lives to organize since they, along with Saint John NB, will now play host to a portion of the QMJHL Canada Russia Challenge series which takes place in November.

If landing the QMJHL draft was their wedding shower then this is their wedding. Cape Breton had best be prepared to receive a lot of doilies and lace table cloths - I know this because I have been to many a Cape Breton wedding. I mean honestly, what young woman doesn't want her own doilies and lace table cloth collection?


"Dave Schultz" said...

ooo, a Carolina prospect. Me likey.

wrap around curl said...

I went to two weddings last wedding. On the same day. Ughhhh. Both received lovely picture frames I got on clearance at Target.