Monday, August 25, 2008

It took them Long Enough

The Mooseheads have FINALLY released their training camp roster. Yep, there are indeed 6 goalies fighting for my love. Bring it on boys. BRING IT ON.

edit- I was just looking at the forwards. Ugh we invited Jeff Marchand. Jeff is the younger brother of Brad Marchand (see my last post). Jeff had his rights owned by Val d'Or. Did they release him?* There were some rumors of Jeff playing for the Moose floating around last season. What the Fuck is up with this. Admittedly I am a total asswad for saying this but I don't want another 19 forward on my team, and especially one that perhaps refused to play in Val d'Or. I don't know why he was not with Val d'Or, if it was because he did not have the skills or because he was too hoity-toity-tra-la-la fancypants to report there, but if it is because he did not want to leave home to report to a remote french town - then that is not the kinda kid I want on my team.

*edit - Wuest has the answer

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