Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Check it! Check it!

Are we wearing our Steve Mason (TM) jammies? Excellent. Let me tell you a little bedtime story.

Once upon a time I was checking out the search words on my site meter when I discovered the search "Garrett Clarke traded to Halifax". I thought to myself could it possibly be true? Is Cam working on a big trade with Lewiston for their first pick in last year's draft?

The next day in the newspaper Cam said that:
nothing has been done yet but feels like he’s getting close on one trade that could see him acquire a good young player in exchange for some of his veteran talent.

I was fascinated by the possibilities. Even my commenters were suggesting that it was indeed true. Someone else told me in traditional purple monkey dishwasher fashion that Clarke was not very happy in Lewiston. What, oh what, was poor little Clarke to do? ...and what of these Moose I keep hearing about? Will they ever meet?

Then along came Nathan Fournier, blogger for the World of Junior Hockey and MAINEiacs Post to Post, with his boy power and frequent access to Lewiston Sports journalist Justin Pelletier's live blog at the sun journal. Nathan gave this girl who so truly believed in 'the power of Moose' a key to decipher Pelletier's words (or maybe just told her it was there - semantics).

Justin: Some Lewiston Maineiacs news popping into the paper this week, with the completion of the front-office reorganization plan. In addition, the team and coach/president Don MacAdam has confirmed there will be movement in the trade department before this year's draft...
Justin: I got one e-mail this week telling me that one of the team's three draft picks from last year's first round may be on the move this summer....

One of the three first round draft pics? Hmmm!!!
pick #6 Garrett Clarke
pick #9 Michael Chaput
pick #14 Etienne Brodeur

Well Chaput's dad is the Governor for the Maineiacs, so any trade involving Michael is highly unlikely; and Brodeur is far too little to be a Moose. Cam knows I like my boys big and although Etienne has 10G and 22A in 68 games, and the Moose need some goal scoring, is 5'9" Brodeur really Moose material? He is cute enough!

The Moose did want Clarke last year and we do need defence. Is Clarke our Romeo, our Prince Charming, our Mr Neutron? Will he bring a big spoon or more 12 game suspensions? Most importantly of all- if he comes here will he find happiness and true hockey love in Halifax?

PS. Way to fucking SUCK Washington!!! That's it. We are done! Get your ass out of my bed, get your body out of my house. Don't call me. Don't text me. I am no longer your facebook friend and I've blocked you on MSN. Fuck you!

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"Dave Schultz" said...

have I mentioned lately how much I adore you and your posts? Cuz I do. :)