Thursday, May 21, 2009

Did you just say Garrett Clarke?

According to Matthew Wuest, the Mooseheads actually are working on a trade for Lewiston Defenceman Garrett Clarke.

The Halifax Mooseheads appear to be working on a deal to acquire highly-touted defenceman Garrett Clarke.

A source has told Metro Halifax the Mooseheads are close to acquiring Clarke, a 17-year-old who was drafted sixth overall by the Lewiston Maineiacs last summer.

The Mooseheads, desperate for defensive depth, may have to surrender an offensive-minded 19- or 20-year-old forward and a late draft choice to secure Clarke’s services.

Coach / GM Cam Russell has not confirmed a trade attempt but has said:

“If you look at all the strong, competitive, consistent teams, they build from the net out. They have good goaltending and at least four top-notch defencemen, and that’s where we’re trying to improve our hockey team.”

UPDATE: For more (confusing) info see the Maine Hockey Journal.


I should spend more time paying attention my Moose as a whole instead of obsessing over a single Moose's abnormal body proportions. Doesn't Yetman's head look smaller than this thighs? What size brain does that tiny cranium hold?

He chose this book for reading to children because he was attempting to show them what a normal sized head to body proportion is. Ben then had to read it to him. I hope Ben doesn't have to read and explain everything to him.

*image from the Mooseheads website


wrap around curl said...

His cranium might hold a tootsie pop.

Q-girl said...

Is that the one with a soft center?

wrap around curl said...

Yes yes it is.