Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cam says

From an article in the Chronicle Herald today:

"Obviously we want kids that can play the game; kids with talent," Russell said. "But they all have to be good quality kids with a good work ethic. That’s the kind of player we want to build this team around."

As part of his hands-on venture into the scouting side of the team’s operations, Russell said he’s planning to shuffle his resources somewhat to target different geographical regions. He said he’s thinking about focusing less on the United States than the team has in the past, while beefing up the team’s presence in Newfoundland and Ontario.

....mmmmm Newfoundland

Russell said he’s also been busy working the phones with other GMs trying to make a few deals. He said nothing has been done yet but feels like he’s getting close on one trade that could see him acquire a good young player in exchange for some of his veteran talent.

"You never know if it’ll come together or not," Russell said. "Let’s just say we’re active. We’re looking to make improvements for the team and we’re open to any suggestions."

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