Monday, July 14, 2008

Avalanche Development Camp

The Avs now own the souls of Kelsey Tessier (Quebec), Joel Chouinard (Victoriaville), and Peter Delmas (Lewiston). The boys do not appear to be crushed. Watch this video and decide for yourself.

Hmmm Delmas is looking good in video form, sadly I had to exclude him from my list of potential #1 QMJHL boyfriends because my list was already too big. So, while I know Lavigne is an unconventional choice, I did it for the poke-checks. I go weak in the knees for the ol' pokedy poke. That being said Peter still has a place in my heart, and maybe next year he can be my #1.

1 comment:

wrap around curl said...

Can you slide Chouinard my number?

We can snuggle on rainy days. I will help him learn english.