Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Just the facts Ma'am

Nick Goyens' brother Jon is now an assistant coach with the Maineiacs. So Nick leaves the Q and Jon enters the Q - brotherly fighting ensues.

Non-offensive Blue Jackets blogger Bethany has all the Jakub Voracek you can handle, including some Columbus development camp news, and a link to Sarah's (Neutral Zone Trap) development camp pictures.
*Edit - there are also some Columbus Development Camp pics on Flickr.

The Bruins website had been chronicling their development camp, days 1-5, in blogs on their team news page. They also have a looking back on development camp feature. Peter Chiarelli has this to say about Brad (Mooseheads) and Matt (Drakkar):
Brad Marchand - He’s a really competitive kid. He’s played on a high level of international competition and has done well. He always plans to win with the team he’s on, so I really like his competitive nature. He’s going to do everything he can to make the team this season.
Matt Marquardt - When I was with Ottawa, Matt was playing tier 2 in Ottawa, and we actually brought him to camp and tried to sign him. He went back and played with Moncton and was subsequently drafted by Columbus, so I’ve tracked him. The biggest thing with him is his conditioning, and he came to camp in very good condition. He has a pro shot. You can’t find too many shots like he can shoot the puck. Also, when he keeps his feet moving and drives the net, he’s a big body.
Then Marquardt stole Chiarelli's lunch money!!! That ungreatful little...

Wuest at the
Q-files has dug up some more info on Mooseheads Jakub Voracek and Andrew Bodnarchuk.

Anaheim Ducks have a feature article about drafting Nicolas Deschamps (Chicoutimi).

The Blue Jackets website has a feature on Voracek and Legein (Niagara - OHL).

The Avalanche have a Q& A with KTess (Quebec).

NHL.com has a feature on Washington prospects Perreault (Titan) and Bouchard (Drakkar), as well as a feature on Buffalo draft pick Luke Adam (St. John's/ Montreal) . The Luke Adam story is fair warning to let me know I best be keeping my eye on my Newfs. It turns out that I am not the only one attempting to amass a man-harem of hard working Newfs. Apparently the NHL has caught on and realized that Newfs are awesome, just like the hard working, underground troll communities that do all the slave labour (warrior building) in fantasy films - Newfie hockey players will do all that on the ice.

The ice cream on my pie (I don't like cake) was the NHL.com piece on LA King netminder Jonathan Bernier (Lewiston).

Also, how do I say this delicately? Ummmm, can we haz us R Nolan back Plz?

Capitals development camp pics are also on Flickr. You should just run all over flickr. There are development camp pics galore.

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