Monday, July 14, 2008

Meow Meow Meow Meow

The now has a feature on Gatineau Goaltender Ryan Mior. Ryan was invited to Columbus's development camp, which took place just last week. Let's see what Ryan has to say. I wonder if he talks about me. Hmmmm, no, he doesn't talk about me...but I am sure he is thinking about me, probably jealous that I have started my hunt for new boyfriends.

My extreme skanktivitude comes from the fact that I add new boys to my man-harem all the time, and refuse to give up the old ones. I have a shoe box of old love letters from Martin Biron and J-S Giguere tucked under my bed
*. Sometimes I take them out and smell them, caress the words, written by Marty with such poor grammar ... that was before he married that chick from Buffalo. Since leaving Quebec his English has gotten dramatically better. Biron's sweet nothings, whispered en Francais, are enough to make any girl swoon. Then there is Giguere, what a nut! He was obsessed with using that sparkle pen. I can't help but laugh now at the X-files references. Yes, I will be the Scully to your Mulder. Oh, the 90's were a fun time.

Anyway, don't worry about 'us' Ryan. I am still thinking of new and exciting ways to make you go cross-eyed. Yes, that was meant to be dirty and yes, I would prefer if you were enrolled in 'my business' school, not Waterloo's. What is an unfortunately goalie-obsessed girlie to do now that you are gone? Sigh.

"Ryan Mior has no regrets or hard feelings about never being selected in the NHL Entry Draft, because in his mind -- from here on out -- his exclusion doesn’t matter at all.

Mior believes he’s in the exact same place today -- battling for a contract to play pro hockey -- that he would have been had some team taken a flier him at any of the NHL Entry Drafts from 2005-07. “When I was younger I was more upset about (not getting drafted), but now I know I have as equal a chance as anybody as long as I get into a training camp,” Mior told earlier this month during a break at the Columbus Blue Jackets’ prospect development camp. “As long as you’re playing well, it doesn’t matter.” If that’s true, teams should be lining up to sign this 21-year-old prospect.

...Mior came to Columbus’ camp earlier this month as a relative unknown. Castron said he saw him only a few times this past season, mostly during the playoffs. Tyler Wright, who is the Jackets’ development coach, also got to monitor Mior a bit during the QMJHL playoffs, but only because Gatineau was playing the Halifax Mooseheads, whose best player, Jakub Voracek, is the Jackets’ top prospect.

“He’s a classic, butterfly goaltender and he came into prospect camp prepared to win a job here,” Wright said. “He’s worked really hard. You almost have to handle goalies differently because they may take a little longer.” Mior is the perfect example.

...Mior said his confidence is now at an all-time high, thanks mostly to winning the President’s Cup. He claims that he’s a different goalie as a result. “I think it started in the summer (of 2007) when I met with (Benoit) and was questioning whether I would come back and play or go to school,” Mior said. “He said he wants me back and believes we can accomplish great things. I believed what he was saying. He was right.”

...He said his backup plan is enroll at the University of Waterloo and study business, but his hockey career isn’t dead just yet. If he’s lucky, it may just be getting started. “He definitely deserves an invitation somewhere,” Groulx said. “Is he going to get one? I don’t know, but he deserves one for sure. He is talented and with the confidence he’s got now and his maturity, I think he’s a good gamble.”

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*in my dreams

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