Saturday, March 8, 2008

Forgiviness Please. Forgiviness Granted.

Oh Moose

You are so lucky that I have no self-esteem or sense of self-worth. If I had any sense of self-worth I would have gotten out of this relationship in December. But here I am.
I felt bad for getting so angry with you and I couldn’t sleep. In fact, it was so bad that I felt downright ill. I left my puppy curled up at the foot of the bed and came down to check on you while you dreamt. You looked so cute, all 19 of you curled up on the sofa. I got to smell P-O’s hair while he slept, and in the helplessness of sleep he couldn’t poke me with a stick to keep me away. Awww, you are forgiven.

It’s true, the loss was all my fault. I never should have told you to play dirty. I put too much pressure on you and I shouldn’t have. Do you forgive me? I have made you a big, hearty breakfast and the percolations are imminent. Today is a whole new day, and Moncton is a whole new game. I wonder if Pelletier needs hugs. Coo.

I'll make you an offer P-O. Lets run away together to the deep woods and farm large mushrooms which we will fashion into modernist Smurf houses complete with mini Eero Aarnio reproductions carved from root vegetables. You can practice deflecting fast-flying woodsprites that come in near the low blocker side, and you can do it in peace and without pressure or criticism.

That being said, I am still angry with the coaching staff.

While we were fighting here is what happened around the Q:
SNL 2 Lew 1
- Stars go to Pielmeier, Brennan, and Bernier

BaC 4 Sha 8 - Maletto gets the win. Cousineau let in 4 of 11 and got the hook at 16:14.

Que 2 Chi 6 - Desfosses allowed 6 in 29 for a 0.79 sv%. Bobby Nadeau gets the win but only faced 16 shots.

Rim 6 Gat 5 OT - Ryan Mior allowed 6 on 28. The first star was Squirrels Giroux with 2 goals, 2 assists. The bad weather this weekend should mean bad news for squirrels, they don’t like the rain.

Rou 3 VdO 2 - Gougeon 2/34, D’Orso 3/30 (with 6 dangerous shots) and Gougeon gets the 1st star.

Vic 3 Dru 7 - Legault got the loss, and Vic’s Ds gave up 19 shots in the first 18 minutes with Legault allowing 4 before Poulin took over. Dunnett gets the win for Drummondville

I feel better knowing that Cousineau let in 4 of 11 in 16:14. Does that make you feel better P-O?

I have created a photo montage of our Ds. If someone can create better robotic versions of these boys to replace the real ones it would be greatly appreciated. I will need them before 4:00 Atlantic time today.

There are theoretically easy goings against Moncton and PEI to come, so if the Moose have their heads in it they should be able to bounce back… but you never know with this team.

Saint John has a harder go of it with two back-to-back games against CB. Rational Q-girl stays in Halifax and does not follow Fullerton in a desperate hunt for goalie. If I could magically snag a ride to either of Moncton or CB I would take it. I have discovered that the Sea Dogs jersey auction did not end yet (I can’t keep track of months)….so obsession with getting a Fullerton jersey creeps back into my mind. Dirty.

Sorry Lewy, we should never have let the Titan win.

Here are the current Eastern Conference standings:
Saint John 82
Cape Breton 80
Acadie-Bathurst 78
Lewiston 76
St John’s 72
PEI 59
Moncton 56

Because we let Perreault get 3 points, and Squirrels got into the pantry and tore it apart looking for eggs, potato and peanuts, the points race now looks like this:

Perreault, Mathieu (Bat) - 107
Giroux (Gat) - 102
Paré (Chi) - 97
Jakub Voracek (Hal) - 97
Dean Ouellet (Cap) - 93


Willie Palov article concerning the QMJHL smarty pants award.

The QMJHL website has begun its series of articles with interviews from candidates for the Marcel-Robert Trophy starting with Robert Slaney of the Cape Breton Screaming Eagles


Marty and Patrik love me for today at least

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