Thursday, February 28, 2008

A tribute to Andrew White: 20th goal

I am not usually a fan of forwards. I pick a forward to like and I normally just stick with them because a girl always has to have at least one forward on any team to root for. I have picked you. It is an unorthodox choice considering the number of "stars" on our team, but there you have it.

Here is how we came to be: I am a Caper, and as a Caper I started coming to games and my Caper-dar (it is like gay-dar for Cape Bretoners) automatically drew my attention to Bryce Swan. He was all big hits: ol' big give-a-hit, take-a-hit Swan. Every time I looked on the ice all I could see was Swan running around throwing checks. I was a displaced Eagles fan in a Mooseheads world. Swan was the first guy who caught my eye, the first Moose name and number I learned. I was disappointed when I learned he was a Caper (Damn caper-dar), since I vowed never to date another Caper once I left the island. But like all Cape Breton boys Swan was bound to let me down, and it was during that very low-point in my relationship with Swan that you started to turn on your crazy Newfie charms. Well no - you are hardly crazy, you actually seem rather quiet and tame. Sometimes you look crazy (see picture), but for the most part you are steady and reliable. You know what you have to do and you get it done. I am getting old, crazy boys are a thing of my past. I just want to adopt a nice puppy who can do all the standard puppy tricks - sit, paw, troll around in front of the net, put the puck in the net. It was a slow painful breakup with Swan, but the transition was inevitable.

Remember back in January when I told you that you were my number one forward - that Q-girl has room in her heart for only one forward and that forward is now you. You could not wait to tell Bryce Swan. He was shocked. I watched as you sat on the bench and told him that I had left him for you. The look on his face was priceless.

Don't believe the evil Bryce Swan (that is the version of Bryce with the handlebar 'stache) when he tells you that there is a curse of "Q-girl's love". There is no such curse. Swan is just jealous that he slacked off and you swooped in. If you play on a line with Swan and Pridham and you are not getting goals, you should not wonder "am I cursed?", you should instead wonder "is Evil Swan trying to sabotage me?". Take a look at Swany's facial hair...if there is even a glimmer of 'stache there, then the answer is yes. Then ask Cam to move you to another line. Look at Swan here - look at him - shifty I tells ya. Bryce does not control the 'stache - the 'stache controls him. Handlebar 'stache Swan is not to be trusted.

But Andrew please remember that I am a goalie girl, there is no need to be upset that P-O controls a whole ventricle in my heart. If you could, I would like you to be kinder to my goalies: no more disgusted faces (I know - they DO sweat a lot), no more bragging to the goalies about how you have a special little place in my heart (like the sinoatrial node, or a valve). P-O has stopped listening - he knows where we stand.

That being said, I have noticed that you are learning lots of new puppy tricks. Last night it was not an old pick-up the rebound like I thought it would be - MacAskill carried it end to end, but then lost the puck, and you swooped in from the side, snatched it up and tapped it in. Nice play. Then there was that break-away the other day against the Titan. Keep up the good work Andrew and keep learning new puppy tricks.

Congrats to #22 on his 20th goal of the season.


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