Friday, January 22, 2010

Show me your teeth

Big props go out to Peter Delmas who has been awarded the CHL goaltender of the week. There is no evidence of this yet from the CHL but the Q-files twitter feed tells me so.

Finally. The Proof.

Matthew Wuest has written a new piece about my on-again-off-again imaginary forward boyfriend Jessyko Bernard. FYI, we are currently back on.

“I told myself I had to pick it up and give whatever I’ve got, skate harder, finish checks, do whatever I can,” he said.

The Mooseheads told their players in the off-season they wanted them in better physical shape, but Bernard didn’t impress them in that department upon arrival at camp.

After being benched, the six-foot-two Moncton native realized he needed to shape up or he’d be shipped out. 

He’s hoping to finish strong and certainly doesn’t have any plans of being yanked out of the lineup down the stretch.

“That’s always in the back of my mind,” Bernard said.

“I don’t want to be a healthy scratch again because it’s not fun. I have to give everything I’ve got every night.”

So what does it all mean? Well it means that by being "off" over Christmas my imaginary forward boyfriend did not have to buy me an imaginary X-mas gift or an imaginary birthday gift. Lucky him. To make it up to me he has to play his ass off every game from now until mid-April March*. So yeah, he gets to get away with being cheap but I am an easy girl to please.

There are two upcoming games against local teams PEI and Bathurst this weekend. These are not unwinnable games. All I want is for the boys to put their balls on the line.

*April pfffft. I am so bad with dates. I meant mid-March. If the team were playing until mid-april it would mean they signed over their souls to Satan.

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