Wednesday, January 20, 2010

tsk tsk tsk

Once upon a time the Shawinigan Chretiens had H1N1 and they never made it to the Halifax Metro Center to play the Mooseheads. Then last night, they arrived and the Mooseheads fans must not have known because the building was EMPTY. The Mooseheads may also not have known because they basically never showed up either.

Fine, I admit it. The Moose were in the game up until the third period when Wiggles got that penalty and Shawinigan scored to make it 4-2. The Moose ultimately lost 5-2 because of an empty net goal. I had considered giving Wiggles cookies for his first ever QMJHL goal (Knotek got the other) and because he is a growing boy and he needs energy...but I can't forgive him for the penalty (that probably wasn't a penalty) that landed him in the box and resulted in a Shawinigan goal. It stole all of the team's remaining motivation

Despite being in it up until the third period the Moose didn't look like they weren't really trying. I know it and they know it:

"We didn't play the way we're capable of and we're disappointed in it," said defenceman Pascal Amyot afterward.

"After two wins we thought it was going to go well for us; that’s what it looked like," said Mooseheads captain Tomas Knotek. "But without effort it won’t (happen)."

#10. I TOLD YOU. Didn't I tell you!!!

The fans weren't trying either. We were either asleep or dead. Some kid dressed up a subway box in a Carl Gelinas jersey. Does that count as fan support? Wiggles secretly blames us for the loss:

The culprit for the slow start might have been the small crowd, which probably took a hit because it was a make-up game (originally postponed in November) and a rare Tuesday-nighter.
"We do notice the crowd, but we've got to generate that energy on our own," Wigginton said.

Last night wasn't really Travis Randell's night. He was bad on the point and he was bad at the net. Maybe he's just thrown off his game now that he knows that I know that he likes older ladies. You're not alone Randell, I think it is a Newfie thing.

It wasn't Corbeil's night either. If I was still PMSing he would be in soooo much trouble for the first period.  Lucky for him I am not. Silent treatment! Moving on...

It also wasn't Hannay's or Bety's night. Hannay received a puck to the face (NO NOT THE FACE) and Bety also had a stick (?) puck all up in his mug. It was horrible but I can't say that I wasn't amused by the way he gracefully slid and twirled towards to bench while crouched over on his knees in excruciating pain. Hannay probably received a puck to the face because the "anti-pedophilia gods" were trying to punish me. I had been admiring his smile a little too thoroughly when he was chirping away at the Shawinigan players just before the end-of-second-period buzzer.  When he is up to no good he wears the most delightfully evil grin.

Cookies go to the 'disgusted' face that Gerrad Grant made when they put him on the big screen. They put Grant on the screen just after he fed Randell that perfect pass in front of a practically empty net and Randell shot the puck at the only two inches that was covered by M.A. Gelinas. Thanks to Grant for emoting how we all felt. Maybe the face was not in response to Randell's lead hands, but I would like to think that it was.

Other news:
1) Brent Andrews is the Mooseheads' Scholastic player for the Month of December
Brent has demonstrated consistent work ethic in regards to his studies. He is both responsible and responsive to the demands of his teachers and has continued to priorize his school perormance (I think they mean prioritize his school performance). At 16, as the youngest grade 12 student, Brent has achieved excellent grades.

2) Peter Delmas will be on inside the Q tonight

3) TSN interviews Louis Domingue (or babyLBD as he is known around these parts) about the elbow heard around the world.

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*quotes are from the above articles

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