Friday, January 29, 2010

It's not that I don't like you...

...I'm just kinda busy.

Admittedly, I have been negligent. Today I am stuck on a microscope, and while it scans my preps I have nothing to do in my downtime but proofread my paper for the publishers (blech) OR blog (hooray?).
 I choose to blog. I am about 7 days too late and this is a quickie, so you'll have to excuse the mess (spelling and grammar wise).

Tonight the Mooseheads will be in Quebec city to take on Delmas' OTHER old team, the Quebec Remparts, and their new fluffy adorable netminder LBD. No offence to LBD, but I hope the Moose can challenge him tonight...and win (big disillusioned dreams, I know).

Last weekend the Mooseheads took on the Bathurst Titan and the PEI Rocket in two really hard fought games. They lost both of them but managed to walk away with a point from the PEI game, which went into a shootout. Let me explain in more detail.

Halifax Mooseheads vs Bathurst Titan (Loss 2-1)
The game started wonderfully with a Mooseheads goal by Charles Bety only a minute into the game. However after that, the Mooseheads took shot after shot but they couldn't score. They made Lacerte look so awesome (except they really didn't...but statistically they did) that he was even nominated for the QMJHL defensive player of the week award.

Delmas was good but the first goal he allowed was a total snoozer because he lost sight of the puck. Other than that he had to play a much better game than Lacerte. I think I am starting to fall for Delmas.

The other positive note was the penalty kill. The Moose managed to kill off 8 penalties including two long 5 on 3s. Hannay spent the entire time just sitting in the box looking pretty (pretty toothless), which really wasn't helping matters.

At some point Paul Dimitruk was pensive and he thought "why doesn't Q-girl ever pay attention to me". In order to get my attention he pretended he had a puck in his pants (for the purposes of looking like he had a bigger schlong? - someone knows how to get my attention!). It pretty much fooled everyone because for a good length of time a couple of guys stood around him staring while he fidgeted with his pants in front of the Bathurst net. Just behind him a couple of other guys were playing hockey - Yes, they had the puck.

I don't pay attention to Paul because I have been paying attention to Jessyko Bernard. He has been so awesome lately. *Le sigh.* I just had to say it.

With under a minute left in the game Bathurst was able to score. It destroyed my spirits. I hate Bathurst so much. This is another case of Mission NOT Accomplished. If the Mooseheads do not defeat Bathurst at least once this season there may be mass fan suicide.

Abeltshauser and Bety were awarded with stars of the game but cookies go to young Mr. Bradley MacDonald for his shot blocking. Kisses go to Sawyer Hannay's missing tooth. No, I don't want to put my tongue in the hole where his tooth was.  The smile that could light up a thousand rooms is gone.

Halifax Mooseheads vs PEI Rocket (Loss 2-1, shootout)
This game marked the appearance of a cup on the ice...or something that looked like a cup on the ice. How a cup falls out of a boy's jock strap mid game I will never know. I personally think it was just another ploy to get my attention and to remind me that boys have junk. My boyfriend is not amused. Nor is Jessyko, who had his goal, the only Mooseheads goal,  upstaged by a cup.

May I recommend that Jessyko give the rest of the group a lesson on one-timers during the next practice?

The game went into shootout and the shootout went to the 9th round before PEI got their second goal. Gerrad Grant had the only shootout goal for the Mooseheads. I was mildly pissed because I watched a parade of boys go to the net (squee - Jessyko was #2) but Charles Bety was not one of them. I think that maybe Bety has a little more finesse than some of the pluggers who got a chance.

Cookies go to Mathieu Corbeil for having an absolute stunner of a game. Back with a vengeance? I know Mathieu prabably wants to throw those cookies back at me and say "bitch these are stale", but I made them Wednesday while I was listening to the Maineiacs game...which went long and then I was stuck in the kitchen with nothing to do but wash the dishes. I am so angry about the dish washing.

So the point of this story is, yes, I do actually make too many real cookies. Now I need someone to help me eat them. They are chocolate chip and pecan...but I made the mistake of too much whole wheat flour and they have "textural issues". Oh, and I am also happy that the Mooseheads got a point but I would have been happier if they got three points last weekend. Have I told you lately how much I HATE Bathurst?

Halifax Mooseheads vs Lewiston MAINEiacs (Mooseheads win 6-5, in shootout)
Apparently Lewiston had started the scoring but the Moose kept managing to tie it up. It was 1-1 coming out of the first and 3-3 coming out of the second, which is when I tuned into the game.

The Moose finally pulled ahead in the third and were up 5-3 with under 10 minutes remaining in the game.
Moosehead goals were by Randell, Grant, Bernard, Clarke and Gelinas. After this they started to fuck with me by allowing a Lewiston goal with about 6 minutes reamining on the clock, and thus inviting me to mumble under my breath "don't you dare" while smuggling spoonfuls of butter and 2 kinds of sugar into my mouth (mmmm pre-cookie dough).

They dared!

Lewiston tied it up and brought it into OT with 1.7 seconds left on the clock. The Mooseheads had an empty net on the other end for over a minute. OVER A MINUTE! May I suggest the next drill that the boys do in practice is shoot at empty nets.

The Moose finally took it in the shootout when Knotek and Grant were both able to score, while Lewiston went 0/2. 

Props to the power play which went 3/5. Cookies go to Garrett Clarke for having a bazillion points (1G, 2A) and NO penalties.

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...and Travis Randell is interviewed in feces Faces Magazine for January.

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RedFridayGirl said...

Yahooo she is back... I believe that the guys will play a good game they are rested right :-) wait aren't most of them legal in QC?? Oh shit i sense some trouble, booze strippers.. 18 year old hotties... this is a recipe for disaster...Come on lets keep our fingers crossed.

Halifax Mooseheads vs Bathurst Titan (Loss 2-1) - I felt bad this loss was a hard swallow like with seconds left on the score board.. shitty!!! AND Sawyer yes your smile makes all those older women weak at the knees, but as your ushered to the box you have to work on your "what did I do" look... you know what you did... your not helping your team out if you are always in the box

Halifax Mooseheads vs PEI Rocket (Loss 2-1, shootout) - Mathieu I sense someone found his Mojo.. it was awesome to watch.. they posted on facebook that the moose with Delmas in the net finally one a shoot out.. hello he only had 2 shooters Mat had 9.. I think you Mojo'd the whole net... lots of chocolate chip cookies to you!!!

Halifax Mooseheads vs Lewiston MAINEiacs (Mooseheads win 6-5, in shootout) - This game kept me on the edge of my computer it was like a battle for Meagan Fox out there.. awesome game and ice to see that Clark played and didn't spend his whole game in the box either :-)

Sending lots of "puck Bunny" hugs to the guys for the weekend..