Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Nostradamus does it again

The Montreal Junior will be giving free agent and former Mooseheads George Dunn a try out at their training camp. See!

Whew. I hate when I get these things wrong. Therefor I am glad I got it right and did not post misinformation when I came across it. George and Richie can now gossip about the Moose behind their backs from the safety of Montreal.

In other interesting (???) trade news* the Mooseheads have swapped Matthew Burns to the Rouyn Noranda Huskies for a 12th round pick in 2010.

Matthew Wuest has a few more articles posted: one on 2009 draft pick Kody Orr, another on their import pick Konrad Abeltschauser, and an update on some old Gerrad Grant news. There is also a general piece about the training camp.

I find Konrad's eyebrows to be absolutely mystifying.

*admittedly, not that interesting

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