Sunday, August 16, 2009 are only 19

Dear Saint John Sea Dogs. May I recommend lessons in sex ed and child prevention for all of the players at your training camp. Follow this up with monthly sex-ed lessons.

Robert Mayer, Montreal Canadiens prospect and (former?) goaltender for the Saint John Sea Dogs has apparently had a child (you know what I mean). Robert is the second Sea Dog in two years to be with behbeh. Former Sea Dog enforcer Brett Gallant became a father in 2008*. Dudes, it is called a condom. Ladies, it is called the pill. Both of you are responsible for child prevention. Use both condoms and pills...then fuck away. Ugh, bahbehs having behbehs is so wrong.

Oh...and if former Moosehead and auditory hottie George Dunn ends up at the Montreal Jr training camp just pretend that you didn't hear it here first. He is not listed for Montreal on the QMJHL website. For right now it is just a rumour. A rumour started by my sitemeter. All hail sitemeter.

PS. We should have kept George for the sole purpose of providing me unnecessary calories in the form of eyecandies.

* yes I have a problem keeping dates straight. Years, months, days - it is all pretty much irrelevant to me


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My team are so smart. Even the sluttiest sluts have refrained from baby making.