Monday, August 17, 2009

Scratching my head

The Mooseheads are supposedly working on a trade with the Gatineau Olympiques in order to acquire 19 year old defenceman Spencer Metcalf. As it currently stands the Moose are full of defensive prospects and I don't know where Metcalf will fit in unless he is pushing Scott McDonald/Ryan Matheson out. I am hoping that the team does not maintain too many players on the roster and allow boys to fester in the press box. Nobody wants to lick a festery defencman.

In order to figure out what was up I went back and looked at Matthew Wuest's roster breakdown

LOCKS (6): Pascal Amyot (19), Alexandre Brunet (20), Garrett Clarke (17), Konrad Abeltshauser (17), Alex MacDonald (18), Jamie Bishop (16).
CLOSE (2):
Scott McDonald (19), Trey Lewis (16).
Ben MacAskill (20), Ryan Matheson (18).
Stephen Gillard (17), Sawyer Hannay (17), Matthew English (18), x-Luke Duprey (18).

It did not make the situation any clearer to me. According to Metcalf's stats he only has 1 goal and 2 assists in 25 games with the Olympiques as an 18 year we are not getting him for his puck moving skillz. Hmmmm????

Then I looked up his picture and all was clear. The Moose picked him up for his rugged looks, his strong chin and his hockey hair. This is Spencer Metcalf in his Owen Sound Attack days. In two years and 29 games with the Attack he had 2 assists and far fewer penalty minutes than with the Olympiques. He apparently perfected his penalty game while playing with the Georgetown Raiders of the OPJHL.

Wuest also mentions aquiring goaltender Anthony Kimlin and forward Jordan Costello in the trade, and this also leaves me confused.

Kimlin is an OHL free agent who was invited to Mooseheads training camp (I wouldn't forget that hair). We knew about him ages ago but why was there never any mention of Gatineau having his rights? Why are we just hearing about it now, and is he actually worth trade materials (boys) and draft picks (younger, more futuristic boys)? Why are we not just borrowing him then making offers of kisses and gifts to Gatineau should he actually make the team?

Metcalf picture from the OHL website

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