Saturday, August 22, 2009

Can I PLEASE have the puppy?

The pre-season is upon us. I have been slack and have not attended training camp. What I hear scares me. I hate to think that some of the veterans are slacking off. I hate the fact that we got a 19 year old defenceman for the purpose of fighting and everybody has been fighting but him, and I hate the fact that at least two 20 year old players will be leaving us.

The first cuts have been made and 10 players on the 59-or-so man training camp roster were sent home.

Lewiston goaltender and conditional tryout Jonathan Connelly was cut, as was Anthony Kimlin, a goalie whose rights we just acquired from Gatineau in the "fighting defenceman" trade. Perhaps most shocking was the release of Jeremie Forbes-Brisebois, especially considering that amongst the goalies at camp he was one of the ones with the fewest goals allowed per game according to Wuest's unofficial intersquad stats.

Even more surprising than all of that is the fact that goaltender Kody Blois chose NOT to attend training camp. Kody was a 2008 draft pick and was considered by some a front runner for the backup goaltender position. Not only is he local boy, but he plays locally, having spent last season with the Halifax Lions of the MJAHL. The only conclusion I can come up with for his absence was that his parents didn't want him to be a Moosehead because they could not stand the idea that I may develop molesty thoughts in his presence. Fair enough.

This leaves goaltending prospects Justin Collier, Randy Chisholm, Joel Grondin, Gatlin Burt and Stefan Dumaresque in the mix. Somewhere along the way Justin Farrell went missing and Gatlin Burt appeared. Farrell is listed in the final intersquad stats but Burt is missing. Burt is listed on the current roster but Farrell is missing. Farrell is not listed as a cut.

Dearest Duma, please pay attention:
The goaltenders (OK I just mis-spelled that goatenders...brilliance) for today's pre-season game against the PEI Rocket were Dumaresque and Grondin. Duma brought home the loss in the shootout. Shame. He is too damn cute for losing and I desperately want him as our backup goalie and that will never happen if he acts like a cheap ho.

He needs to act like a puppy. Fetch that puck before it goes in the net. Bite the opposition. Poop in the crease. I don't care - whatever it takes to keep the puck and the enemy away from the net. We can house train him later.

Other boys:
Speaking of puppies The veterans have been at camp fighting like a bunch of puppies - just for fun like. This is weird. I do not understand how two friends can say "hey wanna fight" and one walks away with a black eye and it is all kinds of fun for everyone. pfffff boys.

Wuest has been keeping track of everything and so I will post a bunch of links here eventually to cover all of the articles in the Metro and the Herald. Each day 5 guys were selected who stood out at the intersquad scrimmages and these are listed below:

Carl Gelinas x 2 (F)
Tomas Knotek* (F)
Dylan McGuigan (F)
Trey Lewis (D)
Andrew Smith (F) - cut
Sawyer Hannay (D)
Linden Bahm* (F)
Jamie Bishop (F)
Gabriel Desjardins* (F)
Jamie MacIntyre (F)- cut
Matt Myers (F)
Guillaume Pelletier (F)*
Matthew Boudreau (F)
Stephen Gillard (D)
*returning player

There appears to be some boners going around courtesy of Carl Gelinas. Apparently Bahm and Stoddard are also boner inducing. I refuse to agree. Of those two only Bahm can make me feel that way. Everybody already knows how I feel about Bahm. The way that he plays he might as well be buying me flowers daily....yes it is just that romantical.

Some forwards *ahem, not naming names* seem to think that my love for them is eternal and that they can just slack off. Clearly they have never had a discussion with Bryce Swan about how fickle I can be when it comes to forwards. Unconditional love is for goaltenders only. I will wait to see for myself. Heaven forbid I trust the opinions of message board guys and people who comment in the newspapers.

The NCAA guys all seem to be sticking around. They do this because they hate us. Dudes, stop messing with my head and declare yourselves 'just not that into us' already.

The Metro
Q-files - too much to mention
Lemieux plans to stick it out at this year's training camp
Herd hopefuls get off to scrappy start at camp
Mooseheads pick up 'big brother' in swap with Olympiques
Russell sees plenty of opportunity at Mooseheads camp

The Herald:
Forward outlook taking shape
Brief QMJHL off-season is officially over
Blue-line battle intensifies
Rookies, vets get jitters out at Moose camp
'Be ready to go'
Russell’s all about attitude
Russell preparing for Moose camp

There, if you didn't know what we were all about before - well, you do now!

In other news former Moosehead Richard Greer was cut from the Montreal Juniors training camp. George Dunn remains. Dunn had 7 minutes in the sin bin for crimes committed against the Shawinigan Chr├ętien's in yesterday's pre-season game.

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