Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Just because I had conceded...

...that Patenaude was correct in drafting Jessyko Bernard, it did not mean I didn't still want Tyler Noseworthy here. Just because my heart is aflutter for Bernard it does not mean it cannot simultaneously be all aflutter for Noseworthy. I am persistent in my weird obsessions. Weird obsession # 576 - Noseworthy in a Mooseheads jersey.

Pictou County Weeks Crushers MJAHL player Tyler Noseworthy has been traded from Moncton to Victoriaville for a 6th round pick.

See? Told ya so!

It is not that I didn't recommend for us to do this... because I totally did - See point #7. Now he will get to play with that cute little Newfie puppy Brandon Hynes. I want all the Newfies for myself.

*edit - Noseworthy will join the tigres this upcoming Friday.


wrap around curl said...

I thought Noseworthy was a fake name or a nickname. What a fabulously hilarious real name. I love it.

Q-girl said...

Yer west coast kids have crazy names too: Judd Blackwater, Jared Spurgeon, Brett Bartman, Brendan Shinnimin, Mason Wilgosh (does he not always look like he should be saying "well gosh"?). These are just silly names.

Stop mocking the Newfies and their classy, classy names.

wrap around curl said...

I adore their classy classy names.