Thursday, December 18, 2008

Has no one coined the word bimbosis yet?

I am calling it. New word - Bimbosis. Sounds like - necrosis or halitosis.
-sis ---> suffix in Gk. nouns denoting action, process, state, condition.
Bimbosis - The state of being a bimbo.

eg "Some people wander upon my blog, read one post, and judge me. They do not get that I am joking. They think I am suffering from bimbosis."


I have been a quasi-efficient real-life worker this week. As a result I have been neglecting the blog. Not that I have good news.

The Mooseheads have once again been named the QMJHL COLD team of the week by Sportsnet. They've got my love to keep them warm.

Did I mention that the World Junior Roster has been announced... like, 5000 years ago. Q boys Patrice Cormier (Rimouski Oceanic), Angelo Esposito (Montreal Junior) and Christopher DiDomenico (Saint John Sea Dogs) have all made the team. I am most excited for Patrice Cormier, future NJ Devil. I was rocking the Devils Jersey for Tuesday Night's Leafs vs Devils game. A lot of good that did!!!! Stupid Jason Blake finally does someting with his life... but at totally the wrong time.

There is a new article in the Metro about the future of the Mooseheads. It looks like big changes may be coming.

Mooseheads general manager Marcel Patenaude will look to ship out any tradeable veterans and strongly consider any reasonable offer that comes across his desk.

“With the lack of picks we had and the lack of returning players, we brought in older guys off our protected list that we thought might bring us a better result,” Patenaude said. “Obviously, we don’t have the results we expected, and we have to look to the second half with a different eye.”

...For the veterans who aren’t traded and do stick around, but aren’t part of the blueprint for the future, the Mooseheads will likely push them further down the bench and into the press box in an effort to develop their youth for next season.

“We’ll be looking in the second half to ice a team that will be slightly younger,” Patenaude confirmed.

Matthew Wuest sounds off on our few trade assets. He lists MacMillan, Pender, Cheremetiev, Bahm (noooooo), and Louis XVI as our most tradeable players. You fall into imaginary hockey love and they threaten to take away your lickable lip-Bahm after just 4 months. That is just cruel. Wuest considers Yetman and MacAskill our other possible, albeit more risky, trades.

In other trade news - Dido gone from the Sea Dogs... traded to Drummondville? That is what one GM says in this article by Matthew Wuest. The Q trade period starts this Saturday. Despite trade rumours Captain Alex Grant would like to stay.

Simon Despres (Sea Dogs), Olivier Roy (CB Screaming Eagles) and David Gilbert (Remparts) are amoung the notable Q players chosen for the CHL top prospects game. Nathan has more at MAINEiacs Post to Post. With the World Juniors coming up, now is also a good time to keep an eye on Nathan's other blog The World of Junior Hockey.

Drummondville are now heading all QMJHL teams in the CHL Mastercard top ten rankings... finally surpassing the Shawinigan Cataractes.

...and last but not least, Robert Slaney of the Cape Breton Screaming Eagles has been named the Boston Pizza CHL Player of the Week*. Fuckin 'eh. It looks good on him - really really good. I lubs me some Slaney.

* OK, I had a typo listing Slaney as the CHL Pizza of the week. Delicious.
**bimbosis has been pre-coined. Boo on me.


wrap around curl said...

I'd love a pizza of the week. If a hockey player deliver it.

Q-girl said...

I would let Slaney deliver me a pizza. bow chick-a-wow-wow. You know he has brains too? That is the sexy part... that, and they way he makes me pull my hair out every time my team faces the eagles.

elise said...

I was driving down the highway the other day when I saw a giant truck that said "Bimbo" across the side. I kind of stared at it for a minute before I realized I was on the highway and should pay attention.

Q-girl said...

Bimbos will always cause you to stare incredulously.

leafs rumours said...

I'd love a pizza of the week. If a hockey player deliver it.