Sunday, December 21, 2008

I know...hobo!!!

Two day after the game I am finally writing to say that the Mooseheads lost to the Screaming Eagles by a score of 7-3. See. Not much to say about the game except that it started out like hooray and ended up like neigh. For more info check out Matthew Wuest's most recent blog post.

My Say:
Did nobody tell the team that we are supposed to split the season with Cape Breton? Look-it: 2007-2008, 2006-2007, 2005-2006. Now that is officially impossible, the Eagles have won 5 of 8... and yet the very fabric of the universe has not folded in upon itself. Huh, funny that!

Why the fuck was an injured Yetman put in with 13:43 left in the game? The Moose were already down 6-3, it is not like the boys were going to be able to pull it all together and suddenly get three goals in 13 minutes. It is not like Corbeil was going to feel any less shame upon getting pulled. It is not like Yetman is invincible - and it is totally stupid to put him in a situation where he can re-aggravate his groin injury. You have heard of Roberto Luongo, right? Shit happens, and this can only be likened to the coaches plopping Yetman down into the middle of a cow field. I can feel my fists of fury starting to tingle.

Mo' news:

1) There is a Simon Despres article at Sportsnet. I demand that you love my imaginarily adopted Sea Dog child. Love him.
"I don't like to watch the rankings," Després acknowledged. "If you think it's too easy, you're going to stop working hard."

Després certainly doesn't need a lesson in hard work. "A student of the game, he's always trying to make himself better," his coach said.

Proof of that is evident in practice as Després is not only the first one on the ice but often one of the last off it.

"I like fresh ice," he said sheepishly.

2) Trades are on. PEI are making moves, having already traded Neiderer and Malouin. You can keep track of trade shenanigans at the Q website. This should be a happy time of year but it can be a hard time of year for some of these boys, what with the stress of moving, getting used to new teams, new systems, new schools and making new friends. I wish all the boys well in their new homes and success with their new teams.

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