Sunday, November 2, 2008

mmmmm baby goalies

Yesterday the Moncton Wildcats, who are currently undefeated in regulation, spanked the Halifax Mooseheads 6-2. I took notes while I lazily watched the game. This is all you get…replace the word today with yesterday, because I am too lazy to edit my post, and was clearly too lazy to post yesterday.

Mathieu Corbeil gets the start:
Ohhhh look out Yeti, my boy MCT has gotten two straight starts…and today he is getting a start against one of the best teams in the league, the Moncton Wildacats. My other little coo liebe LBD is also between the pipes…so today it is like I am catching all kinds of young little fishes in the nets. Do you feel emasculated my darling Mark, do you feel threatened, are you scared? Might you end up getting dumped? Will your cocky arrogance wane? I hope so. I think I hate you...that's why this is so hot.

Edit* Cam Russel is quoted in today’s issue of the Chronicle Herald

"I thought Corbeil played really well," Russell said. "He was good on the first shots and the rebounds so that was a real bright spot for us. He looked real composed against a team that’s ranked second in Canada.

"(Mark) Yetman was sick the past week so that’s why we played Corbeil against Saint John. But he played so well that’s why we thought he deserved to start again tonight. We’ll go back with Yetman for tomorrow’s game."


Moncton score two powerplay goals in the first period (Jodoin and Brown). The Mooseheads have managed to kill off a long five on three only to allow the Wildcats to score a with a few seconds remaining on the proceeding five on four. A third goal is allowed after MacAskill tries to dump the puck deeper into the Moncton zone from the blueline, only to have Gormley intercept and start a rush that results in an even strength goal from Brannon in the slot. Gormley gets an assist. Ben MacAskill gets a paddling.

With less than a minute remaining in the first Baby Louis B-D allowed a fluke Mooseheads goal by Chad Earle, which was scored while Chad was behind the red line and tried to put the puck forward only to have it bounce of Domingue and go in the Moncton net. Hopefully this provides motivation for the next period.

I tune in during a Gabe O’Connor fight. Apparently I missed another Moncton goal (by Savard on the powerplay) which put them up 4-1. Chad Earle then does a wrap around the Moncton net and takes a shot which bounces off Domingue and gets picked up by Piette for the second Mooseheads goal

My impression of LBD so far: he looks fast. His movements are fast, such as his ability to get down then back up and into position, and his moves are smooth and fluid. He is likely a good dancer, no one can be that smooth and not know how to dance. It is difficult to judge on live feeds, Louis is small, less than a cm big…but I will continue to judge him as smooth.

Moncton’s feeds are much better than they were last year. Much better. Sometimes they don’t track the guy with the puck, but at least there are not multiple camera angles or a 5 minute shot of the Camera man’s shoes. Serious Q fans know what I am talking about.

At the end of the second the score is 4-2 Moncton. MCT has faced 38 shots so far this game, 26 of which have been considered dangerous. He has to be applauded for keeping himself so composed while facing a team like Moncton. The Moose have to step it up on the penalty kill. Honestly guys, allowing 3 in 5 is sad.

We are also not getting in our requisite number of hits. We should be doing that. Today’s game is not as physical as our game against the Sea Dogs, where we ended up with 36 good hits. Sure the Moose were not "taking the body" enough for my seat neighbours, Fatty Wingus and Peglegs Dingus, but those idiots only know three phrases: 1) take the body, 2) goddammit Bona/Pender (and last year Monast), and 3) shoot (yelled most frequently when the shooting lane is clogged – and when the puck hits a body they get upset). This differs greatly from today’s game where, in two periods, the Moose only have 6 hits, two courtesy of Bahm and two courtesy of ELXVI. So far none of our huge defenceman has thrown a hit…bitches please, use your size to your advantage.

With about 5:34 to go in the period the Wildcats get another goal, this time by Matt Lahey. Boo on us. So far the Moose have only put put 10 hits and have 26 shots on net. This is followed by the Moose allowing Moncton to get another goal, this time by the Cats captain Matt Eagles, the puck went off of Corbeil and in.

outshot Halifax 52 /29. We were just not putting up the hits. We also only had one PP opportunity. The only D to hit anyone was Bona, who put out only 1 hit all game. Way to go defence. If I had to stuff anyone full of cookies it would be Desjardins and Earle. Earle had 5 shots on net, 4 of which were dangerous, and Desjardins had 4 shots. He also did a lot of hitting.

Moncton dominated the stars:

  1. MON - Jodoin, Simon
  2. MON - Savard, David
  3. MON - Brown, Matt

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