Sunday, November 2, 2008

Getting to know my team: the Chad Earle edition

Bad girls get no hockey. hockey. None. No Whitey, no Fullerton, no Yetmen, no Clermont - NOTHING. She just sits on her sofa being bitter and eating "turtles" cookies. mmmm self loathing. The problem here is she cannot figure out what she did wrong to be abandoned and thus deprived of hockey.

The Mooseheads faced off against the Gatineau Olympiques and won by a score of 4-2 .

Chad Earle is nice. I demand you be kind to him. He is the Moose brass's attempt at a Whitey replacement: blonde - check, St. John's native - check, zombie like - check, shifty eyed - check. Today he was also very hard working, especially through the first two periods.

Kiss Chad Earle...KISS HIM!!!

Mooseheads goals were scored by Alexis Piette (from Pender), Charles Bety (from Chad Earle). Tomas Knotek (from Travis Randell and Gabriel O'Connor) and finished off with a shiny breakaway bauble by Yuri Cheremetiev (from Bety and Knotek). Gatineau potted two: including a controversial goal by Hugo Laporte (assisted by Touchette and Croteau) and a power play marker by Stransky (from Byron).

Mark Yetman faced 25 shots, making 23 saves for a 0.92 save %. In the nets for Gatineau was chubbeh bunneh Maxime Clermont who made 23 saves on 27 shots for a 0.85 save %.

If Newfies are not your thing you may also kiss Tomas Knotek for winning 15 of 23 faceoffs.

Game Stars were:
HAL - Knotek, Tomas
HAL - Piette, Alexis
GAT - Stransky, Jan

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