Wednesday, October 1, 2008

No love lost / Who likes gossip?

So in my regular attempt at Travis Fullerton* internet stalking (real life stalking results in more restraining orders), I went online to facebook and the "Travis Fullerton fan Club" page.

In the discussion board under the header "What are the Saint John Sea Dogs Going to do next year without Travis Fullerton as their goalie?" I see the following post by one Mr Jason Rinzler*:
"I think the sea dogs will be way better off without him. Any other goalie will not just fill the void but surpass it. There will be a more positive vibe in the dressing room and everyone will be happier without him. I predict a championship next year without him."

Me-fuckin'-ow Mr Rinzler. Who is Jason Rinzler you may ask? Jason is a MJAHL player from Moncton who played with the Weeks Crushers and who played with Travis on the Moncton Beavers. Travis is from Riverview, the town across the river from Moncton and he played for the Moncton Beavers before he made the Q, as well as during his 'time-off' between Lewy and Saint John.

Now maybe Fullerton is a disruptive mess in the locker room, I don't know. I like to imagine that he is one horribly sloppy disruptive mess leaving fires, broken relationships and broken girls in his wake *sigh*. He looks like trouble, he may in fact be trouble, I secretly like trouble, hence I like Travis Fullerton. If he wanted to break me I would say go for it.

Sometimes I think naughty things about boys in the Q (usually when someone loses a jersey during a fight), then I feel bad because those boys are too young for me to have such thoughts about them, but it is normally just a momentary lapse of judgement. I have no problem admitting that I am all momentary lapses of judgement when it comes to Fullerton...and I don't feel bad about it either.

Jason Rinzler now plays AUS hockey for the St. Thomas Tommies (in Fredericton NB), Fullerton also plays AUS, but for UNB in Fredericton NB.

On the St Thomas Webpage, where the Tommies introduce Rinzler as a new player, there is a comment from one Rob Taylor:
"Rinzler's a hack but he's got a great mustache ..... Keep the stache thick and he'll score STU some goals ... Unless he runs up against Fullerton otherwise known as Rico than all bets are off even with the stache ..
That is all
Rob Taylor"

MEOW Rob Taylor. Who is Rob Taylor*? I have no idea.
Who knew boys could be so damn catty...and Rinzler rocks a 'stache too. Double damn!!! Are Fully and Rinzler fighting over me? - doubt it since I have never met either boy, but I do love a 'stache battle-royale (even though, since seeing Fully's 'stacheless UNB pic, I realized that I like the look of Fully more without it).

Should I repeat this gossip fest? Why the hell not! They are the ones who put it out on the internets for all to see, and we all know the ladies like gossip.

By the way, how is Travis doing with UNB? - winningly, that is how. Sometimes I stalk the UNB Varsity Reds via the Daily Gleaner.

On October 24th UNB plays Dal. I have the date memorized, which is why I am damn pissed that the Mooseheads chose this day for their Breast Cancer awareness/ Pink Jersey game. The boys will wear pink Jerseys vs the Sags and then the game worn Jerseys can be won in a raffle. I swear-to-god this organization hates me. I WANT A JERSEY...but I will not give up a 'date' with Fullerton for a chance to win one. I like him THAT much.

Having just thought of Travis Fullerton I now have a 'situation' I have to deal with. This is a perfectly normal heterosexual female response to repeated mental stimulation by sexy, stretchy, wiggly, leg-flicking, puck-playing, bad-boy goaltenders. Move along, nothing to see here.

edit - *and they are all facebook friends, imagine that.


wrap around curl said...

I loveeee it when the boys get into fights on facebook. It amuses me so.

Q-girl said...

It leaves me wondering about the state of the boy who leaves such fires and cattiness in his wake. It is just like how I imagined it would be *sigh*. I bet that if I watched the WHL, I would LOVE Beach.

My life has always been entirely too dull, and it is more dull as of late. What I need is a bit more trouble in my life.

"Dave Schultz" said...

omg, catty boys are hot. This has to be the best post ever because I am now imagining messes in the locker room and all kinds of shit-talk. I love it.

Q-girl said...

Isn't it though! Damn HOT.

wrap around curl said...

No Kyle Beach. Ever.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Travis and Jason are secret lovers and they like to rub their dirty staches together ... or maybe they are just friends since they have played hockey with one another since they were young!

Q-girl said...

I will choose to believe the "secret lover" theory. Thanks anonymous. Everything is clear now.