Sunday, September 21, 2008

damn boy

Yes, this warrants its own post.

AUS hockey has begun its pre-season and some teams have their rosters established and their team photos up. UNB has given me this tiny taste of the object of all of my goalie related lusty desires, Travis Fullerton. Now THAT is a NICE team photo. God damn boy!!! It is like a bite size Travis and therefore it was meant for putting in your mouth. They even have Fully accidentally listed as being only 5 ft tall.

Ohhhhhh Oct24 can't come soon enough.


"Dave Schultz" said...

woah! very nice! and not dirty to think he's hot LOL

Q-girl said...

It hurts. It really really really hurts in all of the wrong (or right) spots. I could stare at him all day and just sigh. no goalie...keep the mask off. I think i will up and move to Fredericton NB. My ovaries tell me I have no choice now.

wrap around curl said...

RAWR. Wow. I have no words...I will just stare.

Q-girl said...

The picture is too small, too pixelie. i want a life sized picture that I can tape to my boyfriend or better yet the actual fleshy stretchy life sized Fullerton that can stop pucks with swoon-worthy mad skills. I have just decided that 4 AUS games is not enough.