Sunday, September 28, 2008

kitty is dangerous

First off I would like to preface my post by getting the nitty gritty out of the way. The Mooseheads lost to the Moncton Wildcats by a score of 4-2. Riopel (not baby LBD- Boo) was in nets for Moncton and stopped 14 of 16 shots thrown at him. Mark Yetman backstopped Halifax making 24 saves, and allowing 4 goals (with 20 dangerous shots). Moncton are currently undefeated in all 6 games this season.

Since there were only 16 shots on net, and three dangerous shots – it would have been an excellent game to have given LBD a start, alas NO.

Riopel lost his stick. How would LBD have handled this situation?

Goal scorers for Moncton include Matt Eagles, Mark Barberio and Matt Brown who potted two goals as well as a helper to get the first star of the game. Justin Pender (second Star; assisted by McDonald and Piette), and Graham Bona (unassisted) replied for the Mooseheads. Moncton’s Matthew Bissonnette was the third star of the game, he had one assist. He also gets the prize for most double consonants in a name.

Now on to Foolish ranting:

Mark Yetman
You are my goalie, thus I have to talk about you because not only are you a goalie, but you are MY goalie and I am obsessed with goalies. It would be worse if I were not talking about you because then that would mean that I did not care. Comprende? Come here, I want to hug you.

What you do not know is that the other night after I got angry about the game in PEI, I realized that the 4th goal was probably more of an exhaustion thing. We had just been on the PK for what? 10 minutes straight. I felt bad for getting angry, so I came downstairs and curled up on the sofa with you.

That being said there is no need for the cocky arrogance you sometimes exude. Admittedly it can be both a huge turn off or a turn on, depending on whether or not you are the kinda girl who likes assholes. I was browsing through the game program, and today’s featured player was you. There was a questionnaire and the last question you answered was FINISH THIS SENTENCE: I’d be a billionaire if I had a dollar every time someone told me…"I was good looking".

I am speechless! I will let your 2007-2008 team photo do the talking... and yet, at some point during the game you were talking to the refs, you lifted your mask (and you were covered in a fine dew of goalie sweat), you spit and said to the refs, with a look of arrogant defiance, “what?” …and at that very moment I had feelings that a chick of my age should not have for a kid of your age. Yes, at that moment you did indeed look hot. Lust worthy even. We will chalk it up to the fine dew of sweat, the arrogance and the goalie gear.

I also liked you today. Sure you let in one goal in the first two shots (I call it the Yeti effect) but somehow I remained calm and pacified and just watched you move. Are we sure that the first goal did not involve some sort of goalie interference that prevented you from getting back across the crease? I don’t know. When you were down on the end near my seat you were quite coo-liebe worthy, turning aside 11 of 12 shots. You poked! I was excited. You caught a puck as it came down from the netting – not relevant to the game but still kinda cute. You played the puck up ice to someone (I forget who). Furthermore you did awesome on that very long five on three.

I like the sound of the puck hitting leather *sigh*. I think I just like you today. Today is a very forgiving day.

Captain Graham Bona also deserves props. He kept himself out of the box – apparently 8 minutes of shame in one night is enough for a season (I would hope – not likely). He brought the puck up the ice, shot it into the Wildcats zone on the right, zoomed over to the left got the puck on his stick again and put it in the top righthand corner. It was Beeeaaautttifulll. Then they played his goal video and he made sexeeface. There is no denying his attempt at sexeeface, which is why I am giving you a picture montage from his goal video to prove my point. HA HA.

Serious Graham, smirky Graham, sexee Graham, normal Graham (the best kind)

Scott McDonald
It's not what you did (an assist), it is what you didn't do (play defence) that has me worked up today. I thought you had Sea Dog power. I also though you had some other extra special powers that were acquired from having likely seen Travis Fullerton in a state of undress. Why are you not using your powers? You can sleep on the sofa tonight.


wrap around curl said...

I think I love all the flavors of Graham.

Q-girl said...

I figure Jenn will like him too. The goal video is hilarious.