Friday, October 10, 2008

The attendance slump is all my fault

Moose vs Victoriaville Tigres. I am taking notes while I cook supper, then eat supper, then exercise. So yeah, that means I was not at the game. What kind of friends abandon a girl in her time of need?

Sitting out for the Moose are 6 players:

Yuri Cheremetiev (I told you that you were bringing shame to the number 89)
Gerrad Grant
Alexis Piette

Ryan Matheson
Richard Greer
R.D. Chisholm

For actual details on goals and assist check out the QMJHL game recap.

First Period:
Baby Tanguay gets a chance on a breakaway early in the first and Yeti used a most beautiful poke check to knock it off his stick. Whatever Yeti does for the rest of the season is irrelevant. I have already forgotten all of his previous errors. I am personally packaging a pair of signed game-worn frilly unmentionables just for him.

O’Brien has gotten a PP goal while Bahm was screening Poulin. Someone shot at net, Ned O’ was off to the right side of the net, picked up the garbage and put in into a basically empty net. This is his first regular-season goal.

The arena looks empty. Wish I was there. Brandon Hynes (Victo rookie puppy) is causing problems. In 11 games he has had 5 goals and 1 assist. I cooed Brandon since the draft. He won my cutest boy at the draft award. Too bad I am not at the game to see him.

Damn, Yeti has to be careful with the rebounds. The puck escaped from under his pad but he is lucky that the refs blew the whistle early.

Yeti made another awesome save. This time it was a pad save on a Victo break-away.

Second period:
Desjardins had a nice break-away and tried to go backhand but did not get it over Poulin’s left pad. This is followed shortly thereafter by pressure from Victo and Yeti ends up laying on the puck in his crease on the PK. We are now adding Gabe O’ (Moose) and Dupont (Victo) to the penalty box to join Pender (Moose), but it remains a 5 on 4 PK. There are scrambles to keep the puck out with a lot of pressure at our net.

Bahm knocked the puck down from about chest-high and had a break-away but was slashed by Pianosi (Victo) and there was a pad save by Poulin. Pianosi gets a penalty.

Funny statement by the announcers: * Knotek trying to fight through the check/czech*

So far Yeti has allowed only 1 goal on 18 shots

Pianosi has a break-away coming out of the box but he shot high and hit the crossbar.

There was a hit in the corner and guys are getting all scrummy and scrappy and face-washy. Helmets are missing…but still no fights. Boo-urns. The guys are even sauce-mouthing each other from in the box. Fucking hot. The game remains 5 on 5 until Victo get an interference penalty to put 5 boys in a box. Someone put a bow on them and e-mail me to get my address for shipping purposes.

Passes are still looking pretty bad.

Yeti makes another big save. Apparently there are lots of NHL scouts at the game – approximately 30, and former Moosehead Colby Pridham is also there. This is the fun stuff you learn when you are not at the game.

Victo does fancy things sometimes: Tanguay does a spin-o-rama and passes it to Hynes. Poulin made a glove save from way out at the top of the crease.

…and Yeti has made his third breakaway save. Ugggggg nice!!!!

Third period:
We put Victo on the PP, but it is only their 4th. We are doing good in keeping the penalties down since our PK is so bad. Point blank range save by Yeti.

Louis-Seize (Moose) had a nice break-away chance and it looks like their could have been an interference and ELXVI ends up running into the net and knocking it off but there was no penalty or penalty shot.

Attendance 5271 – hardly. The place is EMPTY.

Awww baby Tanguay said he always wanted to be a Moose since big-bro Tanguay was a star here.

Apparently at some point during one of the “feed freezes” Victo got a goal. I missed it WTF. The feeds suck this year.

Knotek is making an impact in his first game back. He just got the third goal. Colby is being interviewed. He says he thinks that Tomas is good at getting the puck in the back of the net from anywhere inward of 15 ft. Knotek’s goal video is subtle and cool. (if flames can ever be cool)

One thing you don’t get to see when you are at the game are those camera shots from directly above the goalie. Those are better than foreplay.

In think I saw a Victo player high stick Pender’s face but there was no penalty. Then Yeti made another nice well-positioned save – puck to the chest.

Poulin got pulled for a Victo advantage 6 on 5. There is lots of pressure in front of the Moose net," clear the f’n puck this is taking years". Whistle - "thank god". The puck is cleared and MacMillan (Moose) fights off Chouinard (Victo) to get an empty net goal. Knotek gets the assist. This is a big game back for Knotek, and he must bring confidence for our rookies.

Logan MacMillan is trying to use his awesome scrappiness. Logan hits Robichaud. A fight almost breaks out but the refs stop the scrappy action at centre ice. Apparently it was between Hynes and MacMillan. Little Hynes would have gotten whooped but it is nice to see that he has a good dose of that Newfie scrappiness.

  • The Moose win 4-2. We were outshot 32-36.
  • Yeti stopped 34 of 36 (with 20 dangerous shots)
  • Good Yeti (pettings are in older) - 0.944 sv%
  • There were only four penalties that lead to a PK: we allowed 1 PP goal.
  • The Tigres killed off 6 of 7.
  • New guy Vlasanek was neither a plus nor a minus. uhhhh that's good.
  • Matt Snow should not take face-offs.

Game Stars:

  1. HAL - MacMillan, Logan
  2. HAL - Yetman, Mark
  3. VIC - Poulin, Kevin


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Moose News:
Team photos are up. Awww you are all so beautiful!!! Would I lie to you honey? Now, Honey would I lie to you? Would I say something that wasn't true? I am asking you Sugar, would I lie to you?


"Dave Schultz" said...

Grant and O'Connor are my Moosehead BFs, if that's cool with you.

Yeti finally got the memo to play goal! w00t!!

Q-girl said...

Fine by me but you will have to fight off of a lot of teenage girls to get at Gabe O'Connor.

Yeti can be good...maybe he just needs a regular kick in the nuts to remind him...and by kick i mean cupping, no wait...i mean kick. Still undecided.