Friday, October 10, 2008

Linx and facebook

I am too shy to ask strangers to be my facebook friends. Frankly speaking...facebook is weird. I tend to keep it simple, family, friends and a few internet friends... and sometimes (always) any goalie who wants to 'request friendship' gets me so up on their wagon. I always say yes to goalies. I like goalies. I especially like a certain goalie from New Brunswick (why am I being modest in naming names - we ALL KNOW who I am talking about). I hover around his facebook profile (ohhh shirtless) ever so tempted to request friendship...but I never do. If I don't, how will I ever fulfill that need for multiple, shallow, online relationships with goalies. I secretly really am facebookable*.

One thing I hate about facebook is this**. STFU little girl. I know sometimes people are wishing I would do the same thing...but if you don't like me, don't read me...then you will not have to deal with my excessive and irrational feelings-based sports analysis and player-love related cooing.

News links:

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Willy Palov (Chronicle Harold): Moose end Slump
Willy Palov (Chronicle Harold): Odds and Ends from Early part of the Season
Matthew Wuest (Metro): The Vlasanek pick (is actually for a 6th)
Neil Hodge (Times and Transcript): Cats exemplify Strong two way play

Neil Hodge (Times and Transcript): Rookie Goalie Set for Debut - Hooray - Finally. Go Go LBD.

"I'm excited, but not nervous,'' said Domingue. "I feel ready. I've been working hard in practice and in the gym to stay ready when I get my chance. Each practice I've been trying to put myself in a game situation. I've been mentally focused in practice and trying to approach each shot as if it's a game situation.

"I know that if I want to play more often I need to give good performances. I need to show the team they can count on me to do the job. I'm hoping to play 15 to 20 games this season.''

The Northern light: Hard Work and Patience (a Taylor Lambke story)
Peter Assaff (the Northern Light): When you have a chance, just take it (a Maxime Renaud story)

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* word stolen from Wrap around curl.
** and what I really really hate about facebook is this kinda bullshit
. Amy Scott is a lying whore with absolutely no concept of how science works

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