Friday, September 12, 2008

The team I never want to see

The Moose start the regular season with two away games: the first on Sept 12 against the Eagles, the second on Sept 14th against the Titan. Then they come home and face Val d'Or. There is probably no team I despise more than the Titan with their collection of small speedy forwards. The new Titan roster is set, team photos have been taken and this year they have added a number of large guys to their lineup as well as 'ginger goalie'.

There does however exist a problem with my Titan hate - I have a Titan boyfriend. Last year it was Tardif, the goalie of course, which is not so unusual. The question arose: can my love for goalies outweigh my hatred for the Titan. The answer was yes. When Tardif got injured and was out of the lineup for almost half a season, there was nothing left to keep me from wanting to shank the Titan in their collective kidneys.

The problem this year, and it was a bit of a problem for a while now but I hated to acknowledge it let alone admit it, is that I have a tiny crush on one of the Titan's small, speedy, 'elite' forwards. Ugh-I know. Totally not my type!!!

But there we have it. The first step is admitting it. I have a crush on Tomy Joly. Are you happy? Are you happy now you jerk Titan fans (please note - the Titan have a number of asshatted fans who troll the boards...not all Titan fans are proven to be asshats but unfortunately for those nice fans - stink wafts).

I mean honestly - this is a team photo and it is not even fug. This defies natural law. May the hockey Gods strike him down for not actually having a hideous team photo. We like how he does his hair so that he can now measure all of 5'9" tall. Very clever. Maybe that was to be expected - he did win one of those scholastic player of the month awards once.

He even fights sometimes. This is noble for a little, speedy, scoring forward who doesn't even do the shut down stuff*. Oh dear god what is wrong with me? I am giving excuses for my Joly feelings. Unfortunately for me I cannot use such excuses turns out that there is one reason and one reason alone why I get to feeing funny. I think he is attractive, and not in the 'his style of play made him attractive' kinda way; but only in the 'I like your smile and you make me giggle profusely' kinda way. It is a damn good thing that he did not break out that ear to ear smile for this year's team photo. Yeah, talk about deadly.

Oh the hints were there, and everywhere, but some of us were all just too blind with Titan directed rage to notice. I'm not crazy - he is attractive right (I also like his little goalie enemy in this picture)? I have a thing for nice eyebrows, chins and lips. If it makes a difference we can factor in the French accent. Everyone I know thinks that the guys I find attractive are not as attractive as I think they are.

Now let's never speak of the Titan again.

More hilarity ensues: check out the bajillion Mooseheads stories online
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I while ago I added a ticker to Wuest's "the Q-flies" in the right hand side bar. This way new stories are visible when they first appear, but I think that the ticker links may be bad and just link you to the Metro home page and not the stories themselves, which kinda sucks. I should let them know that they need to get on fixing that. Anyway, Wuest agrees with me - he thinks we should have kept Andrew White. Basically everyone in the world thinks that we should have kept Andrew White - except the Moose brass.

Then check the QMJHL preview on Sportsnet. My baby Simon Despres is listed as a top draft prospect. They do not mention the Moose but they are soooo up in a tree with my secret lovers the Saint John Sea Dogs.

Oh, and there is a Bobby Nadeau story in Charlottetown's the Guardian newspaper. He needs some eyebrow grooming but I would still have at him, what with his goalieness, wonky smile, and glasses wearing.

* apparently Tomy does do the shut down stuff but he is so slick at it that I failed to notice.

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