Wednesday, September 10, 2008

All my exes live in...Detroit

Sometimes I am so out of the loop.

The Detroit Red Wings will have three Q free agents on their roster for the Traverse City tournament: including my ex-boyfriend Bryce Swan (Mooseheads), only recently discovered secret nerd-hottie Francis Pare (Sagueneens), and Joey Ryan (Olympiques) who has been hopping from team to team faster than Elisha Cuthburt can say slutbucket - that is LA Kings, NY Rangers and now Detroit Red Wings.

I did not know that Pare had signed a contract with Grand Rapids... in July. Speaking of small speedy forward types like Pare, I am reminded that I harbor a horrible, horrible secret. I will tell you about it as soon as I get around to hating on the Titan...which will be very soon, before or on Sept 14th when we play those asshats.

Former Sea Dog Brett Gallant has opted to sign with the Summerside Western Capitals for his overage season. He should kiss my baby goalie Stefan Dumaresque for me. Maybe someday we can be together my sweet Steffie - le sigh.

Apparently Richie Greer is feeling better in the crotchital region, or at least well enough to skate.

An article in the Chronicle Herald covers the new Fighting rules and the new Montreal Juniors.

The Telegraph Journal has a story about 2008 Sea Dog draft pick, and likely shoe-in, Nathan Beauleau.

Wha? No duh! Yuh!

You have gotta love this recent article from the Metro by Wuest. Apparently coach Cam Russel has said:
“This is going to be a season where the guys that work the hardest are going to be the guys that play,” Russell said. “It’s a new team, it’s a young team, and it doesn’t matter what the numbers are on the back of the jersey or the name — whoever is giving his best effort is going to be the guy who plays.”
Hilarious, especially considering that we just lost one of our hardest working players from last season and most likely our hardest worker from this pre-season by trying to trade him. Then GM Patenaude says in a statement quoted from the team website
“It is unfortunate that Andrew White is no longer in our lineup. Andrew could always be depended upon to bring 100% to every game. "
“You’re not always going to have a team full of skill,” Russell said. “Even when you have it, you may have some skilled guys who don’t give their best efforts every night.
Right, it is also gonna hurt because we just tossed away one of our most skilled guys...and no, I am never ever stop shitting on them for this. Now who do I give all of those custom M&Ms to? I love (read HATE) how team management types always say one thing and do the exact opposite, or contradict themselves between statements.

I love my boys, but I dislike their man bosses. They have to take his picture (nay, it is more of a Royal Visage) off of the team homepage live-webcast link. I am so in denial about this that it is not funny. Maybe if I take the time to cry I will have accepted it and I can move on.

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