Friday, June 6, 2008

Extra Extra - draft weekend is CRAZY

I have found another article on Tyler Noseworthy of the Pictou county Weekes crushers. Halifax now has a 2, 3, 4 and two 7th round +++ picks for this years draft. As I mentioned earlier Tyler is expected to go in the 4th round. Tyler says "I've spoken to some teams, and they've told me that I'm pretty much going to go somewhere. Halifax has told me they'll take me if someone else hasn't, so that would be a dream fit."

From what I can tell, this kid has great eyebrows. With great eyebrows comes power and responsibility. Once he gets in the Q he will have instant membership in the CHL eyebrow club, at least until I can assess his eyebrows in greater detail. What is clear is that I want Noseworthy here, and Noseworthy wants to come here to be with me. The heart wants what it wants - it is a Romeo & Juliet love story of hockey but much less suicidey. That is, of course, unless the Moose don't make this happen for us, in which case it could be the greatest love tragedy in Nova Scotian history. Then for our other 2, 3, 7, 7, +++ round draft picks - let's make 'em all French kids, OK!

The Metro has written a goodbye lovesong to PJ Corsi and Guillaume Monast. Patenaude and I both agree that we fawn over Guillaume, and we both think that all the anti-Guy people eat poo. However, just because we share a special affection for Guy it does not mean that I won't shank our GM if he trades White.

In Cape Breton News, Czech netminder Marek Benda will not be returning to the team, since young Olivier Roy has proven himself to be so solid in nets. Cape Breton is also having a hard time figuring out which of their 20 year olds will be returning next season, and who to risk putting up for a trade. Although the team had no NHL drafted players last year, some NHL teams have shown an interest in their overagers, and boys like Joey Haddad may end up being invited to training camps this summer.

Seadogs GM Beaulieu is all about the interview process. The dogs don't have many roster spots to fill as they have a good solid team. They will probably be in need of some scoring depth since they lost two of their offensive big guns in overagers Picard-Hooper and Howes. JB is however thinking about building for the future. You can read more about the Seadogs and their rivals the Titan, here. The Titan also have more 20 year olds than they can handle. I am happy as long as that crazy-assed joker smiled Tomy Joly sticks around. In my shallow assessment I say keep the boy with the creepy smile - I hear he is pretty good at hockey too (despite being a wee sprig).

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