Saturday, March 29, 2008

Marc-André Dorion is a smarty pants

Marc-André Dorion of the Baie-Comeau Drakkar is another nominee for the Marcel-Robert Trophy. An interview with Marc-André can now be found at the QMJHL website

I was this close to Dorion and yet I did not manage to suck any of the power out of his brains. He needs that power to pull his team out of a rut and outplay the Oceanic, who are currently destroying his number two ranked Drakkar 3 games to 1. Ouch. Oh and did I mention that Dorion is awesome at hockey, and he has the added bonus of being a defenseman, and next to goalies, defensemen are so very rowrrrr. He finished this season second in the league (for defensemen) in points with 59 pts, 16 goals + 43 assists. However, what makes him more excellently defensey than the #1 defenseman Jason Demers, is that Dorion finished the season a +23 while Demers was a -6.

I needed his brain power to finish my graduate work so I can get the hell outta dodge, maybe move to Mannheim and start to love the Mannheim Eagles. Their goalie is also a Pelletier, and during the NHL lockout they had HueT playing in their nets. Last I heard Mannheim had lost two games in their playoffs and one of those losses came after 6 overtimes, the game went until 2am or some crazy shit like that. I think Cologne have already put them in the ground. I hope the Moose do not suffer a similar fate just as quickly.


In QMJHL news the Gatineau Olympiques have eliminated the Shawinigan Cataractes and their toy goalie Kevin Maletto (he is small- like a toy poodle) and thus Squirrels and friends get to move on in the playoffs to meet an as of yet undecided contender.

The MAINEiacs are still in it. They defeated the Cape Breton Screaming Eagles 5-2. The Eagles were invigorated by a late goal but then the MAINEiacs had to go and get an empty net goal in the final minutes of the game to cement the win and Crush the spirit of the Eagles. The Spirit crushing is the most important part of any hockey game.

The Acadia-Bathurst Titan also managed to crush the St. John's Fog Devils in what was likely the Devils final game in St. John's EVER. Poor, poor Devils fans. Tomy Joly had 4 goals. His parents must be so proud. I bet his dad has an " I fathered Tomy Joly" T-shirt. Who wants an " I fathered Tomy Joly" shirt? I would wear one - I like his Joker smile. Final Decision 7-2. Ouch.

Last but not least Quebec faced off against Chicoutimi in Chicoutimi and the Sagueneens won 7-1. Every game but the first game in this series has been a blowout. It is crazy. The Sags started L
évesque in nets for this game. There was an interview with Bobby Nadeau on TSN (or maybe it was sportsnet) this morning. He basically said that he has not been watching TV to avoid seeing himself being beaten up, and he gave his side of the story. There is an interview with RDS - good old RDS covers everything. Why doesn't English media cover Q hockey - damn them. See the video in the section Hockey/LHJMQ titled "Nadeau est ébranlé". He is so 'lover not a fighter" material. Rowwrrrr. I hope the Sags take this series, then Bobby can get over it and start to play some good ol' puck stopping games again. He needs to clear his head. I should sit him down for milk, cookies and a good talk. I hope he can speak English because my French sucks. This is why I need to make friends with French goalies- to improve my conversational French. Yeah, that's it.

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