Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Nadeau tells it like it is

Oh, long distance lover - you are so right. Hockey is a team sport and the responsibility for keeping pucks out of the net does not rest solely upon the goaltender. No I love you more...no I love you more blah blah hugs and kisses.

Bobby Nadeau is a smart, science-loving, glasses-wearing goaltender who tells it like it is. Oh, and he is ever so purrrrrrrr.

In a recent article written for Charlottetown's the Guardian newspaper Bobby Nadeau and Maxime Provencher claim that they were shocked to be traded to PEI from Chicoutimi at the draft, but are now somewhat happy for the change of pace. However, Bobby implies (or Charles Reid who wrote the article slants it so that it seems like Bobby implies) that PEI has to step up their defensive game.

According to the article:
Some of P.E.I.’s number resulted from inconsistent goaltending as starter Antoine Lafleur, 20, and backup Marc-Antoine GĂ©linas, 19, juggled the number one goalie slot for much of the season.

Less than cohesive team defence also played a major part, so Serge Savard Jr. snagged the veteran pair on draft day to solidify his club’s defensive side.

...Nadeau’s goal for improving the defence is clear.

“It will not be the job of just one player or two players. It will be all of the team. Last year in Chicoutimi we had the best defensive squad, but it was more than the defencemen and the goalie,” he said.
Damn straight. This is a team sport any anyone afraid of taking a third line role because they want to be a bigger part of the team should shut up and realize that third line shut-down guys are absolutely vital to a team. One's defensive responsibility to the team does is not forfeited because you are older or more experienced than some other guys on the team. Sometimes a good shut down player is a good shut down player. You do not need to be Johnny scoresalotofgoals to be appreciated on a team or by the fans. Me personally, I want to take shut-down guys and rub them all over my body - I want to bathe in them. Yes that is how strongly I love shut down forwards.

I mean, Bobby is basically just warning the PEI fans in advance that if the team suffers a horrific downfall it ain't all on him. He knows this because he is smart. He is saying (and not to put words in his mouth) what I have said before - if the rest of the team sucks and can't play a cohesive defensive game don't lay the blame at the goalie's feet. Yet, I know they will because PEI fans are sniveling whiners and the team is a chronic failure. I am not saying that our Moosefans are not also whiners - gotta be a whiner to know a whiner, I am just saying that some PEI fans seem like huge whiners.

Yes, I have said it before "They will tire quickly of that new-goalie smell. You may have one hell of a hard time on the island Mr. Nadeau. They will hate you, and you alone, for not being the ONE MAN who can save the team. Trust. Everybody knows that the fault ALWAYS lies with the man who guards the gates of hell."

Can you smell the sarcasm in that last sentence? Great minds think alike Bobby (you know how you can contact me).

...and then there were 28

The Mooseheads have cut forwards Jeff Marchand and Davey Shea. This leaves us with 4 goalies, 15 forwards and 9 defencemen.


wrap around curl said...

Oh Bobby. I want to have snuggly dates with him. We will watch Discovery Channel.

Q-girl said...

By the time I am done with you, you will know every goalie in the Q.

That being said - Bobby is mine I will tear your eyes out, the hair, the hair, meow, catfight.

Nah...I can share, you can have him on every second weekend and at least one of the major holidays. This is the plan I was hoping to work out with Simon Despres parents but no one has gotten back to me with the custody details yet.

Q-girl said...

PS PEI - hate you, but love your goalie. Why you always gotta do goalies like that?

wrap around curl said...

I'd never take your goalies. But I love getting acquainted with them.