Wednesday, September 3, 2008

And she's off

That is it. I might not post for a while since I will be out of the country. Just thought it was important to say that Kirk Rafuse did not make the cut in Lewiston and Marc-Antoine GĂ©linas got traded from PEI to Gatineau. Gatineau likes the PEI goalie scraps.

I want to wish good luck and kisses to all three of the Mooseheads remaining backup goalie candidates. I feel sorry for whoever makes the team...because then they will have to deal with me and my crazy ass. Whomever fails to make the Moose can still join my small goalie army and automatically earn a place in my heart...all they have to do to earn membership is let me know that they know about me. My goalies can be blogger-bunnies. Skanky little blogger-bunnies. I bet they tell all the hockey bloggers that they love them.

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wrap around curl said...

Enjoy the vacation!

Ooooo, blogger bunnies. Me likey.