Tuesday, September 2, 2008

fight fight fight

Last night the Halifax Mooseheads defeated the Cape Breton Screaming Eagles 5-2. You can check out the scoring recap here. It was pretty sweet to see boys gliding around in Mooseheads Jerseys and even sweeter to see a little line of boys in suits heading towards the dressing room and Jakub Voracek walking within touching distance of me. No, I did not touch.

Oh dear god that line of boys in suits. I do not have the skills to definitively recognize the boys yet, not even my goalies - although I think I would indeed recognize Jeremie given that he is 6'6" and ever so pouty, and thus he would be hard to miss.

Knowing they could someday be a Moosehead makes these boys cuter than all the other boys in the world. I walked by the line - cute, cute, cute, Pender, cute, cute, sigh. However, the first boy in the line of besuited young'ins was the cutest of all; he was 1000 puppies in a basket of kitten skins - all shaved head, pink-cheeked, button-nosed and begging for cookies. Yes, he was that cute. If THAT was Dumaresque - squee!!!

Ben MacAskill got damaged in the first and had to leave the game with a shoulder injury. White was all 'tucked jersey' and he wore the captain's C. He wore it well. He also had two assists. It is weird to see him be the guy that refs turn to when doling out explanations and justice. My Whitey is all grown up. Wuest even wrote a White story for the Metro.

There were fights, fights, fights, galore. All of Marchand, Grant* and Bahm fought. Marchand, like his brother, seems a touch hotheaded.

Three fights and a half naked Eagle

Here is the thing with Bahm. I think I am starting to like him - he literally stripped an Eagle right in front of me. When we acquired him at the draft via trade I looked at him in his nasty Shawinigan jersey, with his ever so unstyling Pomin-do (the hairdo of a Pommerdoodle - which is half retriever, half poodle and all Jason Pominville) and said Agggghhh NO. Then we put him in a Moose Jersey and he skated around hitting things, put a helmet on to cover up his Pomin-do, and started stripping down Eagles and I was all Ahhhh yes, yes, yes. Somehow, in the past few days he also got cuter. I think that once again it is the magic of the Mooseheads jersey.

Luckily for us Belarus Rik got it all on video so we can watch Bahm destroy the Eagle over and over again.

Then there are the the goalies. Forbes-Brisebois started the game and he looked like he had 'playing the puck urges' but he did not actually wander out of the net to do it. He did reach out once and poke the puck off to his left to get it away from the net. The poor boy was not very challenged and he just stood there for most of his 30 minutes, having only faced 9 shots (and allowing no goals -horray). He sometimes looks a little uncoordinated but I think that happens when you have legs for days. He has to be careful about opening that 5 hole.

Yeti had shiny new gear and he somehow manages to seduce me no matter how hard I resist. He allowed two goals in 18 shots, both glove side (I think). The first happened when he left a big chunk of net open, he went down, and the puck skimmed just over the top of his trapper. The second was on a crazy snipe. Do I fault him? Nah, I am way too seduced. Does this mean that I got over my non-hockey related Yeti induced rages? - yes, mostly. Sometimes I want to punch him and sometimes I want to cuddle him.

Edit - crazy news. Mooseheads centreman Yuri Cheremetiev has received an invite to Bruins training camp. English has decided to leave training camp, and Wuest has written a piece about O'Brien along with coverage of last night's game and the players who shined. Palov has also written about O'Brien - it is O'Brien mania all up in here.

*oops I made a mistake. In my pics it looks like #19 was fighting (Ned O'Brien) but it was actually Gerrad Grant (#79). Sorry for the mix up.


wrap around curl said...

6'6"? That is prime climbing real estate. Makes for a good work out and such.

Oh that fight. I think I might be in love as well.

Q-girl said...

It was an awesome fight. Thank the hockey gods that fighting in the Q was not banned.

You would need mountaineering shoes to tackle Forbes-Brisebois. If I had to wager a guess I would say he was the highest peak in the Forum last night.

Anonymous said...

oh dumaresque, how i would love for him to make the team. He is such a cutie and i love the way you described him

Q-girl said...

Agreed anonymous commenter. Everything is cuter when nestled in a basket of kittenskins, or in this case - a suit.

wrap around curl said...

I like a challenge. I will climb his peak. Wait what?

Q-girl said...


"Dave Schultz" said...

mmmmm boys in suits. you lost me after that because my eyes glossed over with thoughts of boys in suits.

Q-girl said...

A whole line of boys in suits led by the cutest little sprig in the whole world. Dear god that boy was cute.

Q-girl said...

He was so cute that he might even put young Brooks Macek to shame. They need to have a cute-off.

wrap around curl said...

A cute down!