Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Development/Conditioning Camps

Nothing much is transpiring right now in the world of QMJHL hockey. Development camps have begun for many NHL teams, and I have heard no word on any invites for Sea Dogs goaltender Travis Fullerton, which is a damn dirty shame. Robert Mayer, on the other hand, has been invited to Montreal for their development camp. Life is sometimes so unfair to goalies. Travis was a motherfuckin' madman between the pipes, and he never quit on a rebound. He usually had me clench fisted and screaming "ohhhhhhhh yeah, oh, OH, oh, ohhhhh YES, YESSSSSSSS" at the little video box on my computer screen. Satisfying!!! If all else fails, I hope that citizen Fullerton remembers that he is still invited to the development camp in my pants.

I somehow missed that unsigned LA kings prospect Joey Ryan (Gatineau) was invited to NYR development camp. Blueshirt Bulletin has posted this description of Ryan: "The large crop of free agents was largely unimpressive. One player stood out -- Joe Ryan, the only one in the group who had once been drafted. The space between his ears was the reason for his fall from grace, according to one observer present who knew a bit more about him than the rest of us. But he looked good on the ice." Oh poor Joey, not so smart eh? Here, have a cookie!

As for Ryan Hillier:

Sarah over at Neutral Zone Trap has been to the arena to check out the first day of development camp for the Columbus Blue Jackets. She had this to say about Jakub Voracek: “Voracek looked a little out of sorts. His skill was obvious, but he seemed to be making some mistakes, and looked frustrated at times. Hopefully just working out the kinks.

Let me guess: someone just skated up and stole the puck from him as he was nearing the blue line. Also, he failed to back check. Did I get that right? Do I get a prize? Oh Sarah, please wrap Mior (Gatineau) in a pretty bow for me and ship him here. Put a little note on him that says “for your own personal goalie development camp”.

I know what you are thinking; you are thinking: "both Fully and Mior? Slut!!!". While I am sitting here thinking that I should be able to accommodate at least three in my development camp*. Mmmm Fully and Mior - I would be in a sea of crazy blue goalie eyes; both boys look mildly insane. But, alas no! There really is no development camp in my pants because I could not get funding from the government to rent an extra apartment, or 'sin bin' as it were. Also, we all know that goalies never get to go to the box, and that in itself is a damn dirty shame, because goalies get away with doing all sorts of bad things and then never have to serve their time (Yeah, you know who you are).

Eric at Hockey Buzz also checked out the Blue Jackets and was a little more positive about Jakub. Eric thinks that "Jakub Voracek was a man among boys! Absolute stud that has hands and vision that almost every player in the NHL would dream to have. He even had a time where he fought off a check on a 2 on 2 drill and still built speed going to the net. He is the real deal!"

The Ducks have a feature article on
Logan MacMillan at their website. Why am I always slow on the Logan news? I love me some hardworking, backchecking, nostril flaring, makeup wearing...wait, why does Logan look like a makeup victim in these pictures? Did Steve Mason get to him?


*I am really getting into this foursome thing. Unfortunately, while at first it has you screaming halleliljah, afterwards you feel all Huseliused.

Hillier Image from Blueshirt Bulletin

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